Reviews, Events, and Ice Cream — Oh My!

First things first, yeah. I know. I have not updated this site in way too long. It’s been a multi-part saga of work on a new book, bonding with the new house (aka fixing things), kicking off the last of the winter blues (which were particularly sticky this time around), and preparing for the flurry of activity to come. And really, that’s already happening. THE OTHER MRS MILLER is making its way out into the world for that all-important pre-publication validation. Discussions of PR and marketing are under way, events are being scheduled, retailers and librarians are placing orders. Stuff. Is. Happening.

So much of my anxiety has been centered around the early reader talk, though. What will people think of this book that asks for a somewhat tenuous suspension of belief? Will it be as divisive as I originally thought it might? The answer to that is yes, a bit. But the largely positive reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, as well as the wonderful blurbs I’ve received from peers I greatly admire, have helped me get over a lot of those jitters (all current blurbs are on the site’s home page). Also big shout-outs to the early bloggers and Bookstagramers who have made huge strides to help build the hype. Y’all have pumped me up about getting out there and spreading the word too, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you do, all for the love of reading.

What has also helped is seeing all the wonderful ways the teams at Putnam and Little, Brown UK have gotten behind this book on the promotional front with exciting upcoming media as well as a regional book tour here in the States this summer. Penguin Randomhouse has furnished a list of current dates. A couple more dates are still being confirmed, so I’ll keep everyone up to date as more information comes in, and will turn up the volume on everything regarding that soon. I’m so looking forward to interacting with readers and booksellers! This is the kind of book where talking about it feels a little like engaging in juicy gossip, which frankly is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Another place you might have a chance to see me is Thrillerfest in NYC this July! I’ll be there from the 11th-14th at the Grand Hyatt, and I’m psyched not only about getting to meet so many people, including my lovely agent, editor, and other Putnam peeps, but also a ton of writers and friends.

And now, let’s get to the important stuff…

This is from the Book Club Kit the marketing team at Putnam sent over the other day (and you can download in PDF form here!), complete with discussion questions (beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the book!) and yes you read that right, a recipe for Cabernet Sauvignon ice cream! When you read the book, you will understand why this recipe is so special, but come on… do we REALLY need excuse to make this? Look for me soon on the social medias making and tasting it myself!

As for what’s next, hopefully you’ll hear news of another upcoming book in the months ahead. There is also more promotional news, giveaways, and other fun for MRS M in the pipeline, so I shouldn’t be nearly so scarce from here on out. I’ll also be updating as much as I can from the road when I’m on tour. There are a few other topics I plan to cover just about the whole *gestures vaguely at writing career stuff,* as well as some other projects I’d really like to tackle. Like developing my own hot sauce. Yeah, I cover all the bases.

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