5 Quintessential Questions: WRAPPED IN WHITE Edition ~ Joshua Rex

Over the next several days, I will be posting an interview from each author from WRAPPED IN WHITE, the brilliant new ghost story anthology from Sekhmet Press, LLC. These are the same wonderful people behind the vampire collection, WRAPPED IN RED. WHITE book also features my story, “Daddy’s Glasses,” and you can pick up a copy from all available ebook retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, etc) as well as in paperback through Amazon.

Walking on White

Next on the list is Joshua Rex! According to his official bio, Mr. Rex “is a writer, painter, and musician who works with stringed instruments in Boston, MA. His work has appeared on Pseudopod.org, in Death Throes webzine and most recently the anthology ‘Wrapped in White’ from Sekhmet Press. He recently finished a collection of short stories entitled ‘New Monsters’ and is currently revising his first novel.” And now he’s about to ruin his entire budding reputation as a distinguished author by answering my 5 Quintessential Questions. So let’s not delay!

1. You found a surprise ten dollar bill in the dryer. How do you celebrate this magnificent windfall?

Cash it in for quarters so I can finish the laundry.

2. You wake up and realize the apocalypse has just happened. What do you have for breakfast?
Oh, just the usual English muffin. But maybe with more butter.

3. It’s 3am and you hear a knock at the door. When you open it, you see a penguin standing here. He’s wearing a bandolero, a cowboy hat, and a fake mustache. He seems to know you. Why is he there?

My dad put it there. He’s obsessed with the drunken penguin from Billy Madison and has actually left a giant one at my door before.

4. Which super villain are you most like?

Billy Zane from Titanic?? Does that work??

5. Someone offers you a million dollars to write the greatest slash fiction story of all time. Give me your elevator pitch.

The staff of a rural Walmart stand grinning behind their cash registers on Black Friday, watching as the early morning crowd gathers outside. The doors open and the shoppers race towards the deals, oblivious to the doors being locked behind them. When they get to the checkout registers with their cartloads, they find all the clerks brandishing machetes and butcher knives and May I Help You smiles. Title- Slashed Prices: The True Story of the Black Friday Walmart Massacre

Get on that story, Joshua! Given the yearly escalation of Black Friday violence, I suspect this sort of event isn’t destined to remain fiction.
Thanks for stopping by, and in the meantime, while you’re waiting for read WRAPPED IN WHITE, you should head over to Joshua’s website, where there is some pretty amazing artwork for perusal! 

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