The Doctor Who Project

Welcome to the Doctor Who Project, a special blog event conducted by Justin Wasson, Jaime Hobbes, and yours truly. Each Friday between 1/31 and 3/28, we rank a season, dish on our favorite and least favorite episodes, and wait in agony for the debut of Peter Capaldi. Below you will find links to each entry. Feel free to jump in and leave us your input!

Introductory Post

Our Top Ten Episodes

Ranking Series One

Ranking Series Two

Ranking Series Three

Ranking Series Four

Ranking Series Five

Ranking Series Six

Ranking Series Seven

Ranking Series Eight

All S Series Ranked Best to Worst
No one Doctor seemed to rule the roost the most here. The Top 3 represents each doctor, though keep in mind that since some seasons had more episodes than others, this affected overall average of each season. For more detailed analysis, be sure to check out each individual entry to see which episodes fared the best or worst!

1. Series 8 - 7.2 Sonics
2. Series 3 - 7.1 Sonics
3. Series 6 - 6.9 Sonics
4. Series 1 - 6.7 Sonics
5. Series 4 - 6.6 Sonics
6. Series 7 - 6.4 Sonics
7. Series 5 - 6.3 Sonics
8. Series 2 - 6.2 Sonics

10 Highest Ranked Episodes
Starting with all the episodes that received a perfect consensus ranking of 10 and going down from there. Episodes that received the same rankings will be color coded and listed in the order of airing. It definitely looks like our strongest rankings were for the Smith era in this case and particularly Moffat-penned episodes. Three of the four Docs have some representation here, though it's interesting to note that while Series 8 had the overall highest average ranking for the season, none of the individual episodes managed to crack the Top 10 overall (though "Listen" barely missed out with its 9.2 average ranking).

1. Blink - 10 Sonics
2. Turn Left - 10 Sonics
3. The Doctor's Wife - 9.7 Sonics
4. The Time of the Doctor - 9.7 Sonics
5. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances - 9.6 Sonics
6. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead - 9.3 Sonics
7. Vincent and the Doctor - 9.3 Sonics
8. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang - 9.3 Sonics
9. The Name of the Doctor - 9.3 Sonics
10. The Day of the Doctor - 9.3 Sonics

10* Lowest Ranked Episodes
Nothing ranked as low as a 1 across the board from any of us, but these are the episodes that came the closest. Most interestingly is that in many of the lowest ranked episodes, there was often one lone holdout that liked it a bit more. *Since a number of episodes tied for the 10 spot with a ranking of 4.3, I'm going to list them all on the same line.

1. The Idiot's Lantern (Series 2) - 2.7 Sonics
2. Cold War (Series 7) - 2.7 Sonics
3. Curse of the Black Spot (Series 6) - 3 Sonics
4. Tooth and Claw (Series 2) - 3.3 Sonics
5. The Lazarus Experiment (Series 3) - 3.3 Sonics
6. The Doctor's Daughter (Series 4) - 3.3 Sonics
7. The Beast Below (Series 5) - 3.3 Sonics
8. Night Terrors (Series 6) - 3.3 Sonics
9. Vampires of Venice (Series 5) - 4 Sonics
10. Boomtown (Series 1)/Love & Monsters (Series 2)/Sontaran Strategem & Poisoned Earth (Series 4)/Hungry Earth & Cold Blood (Series 5)/A Town Called Mercy (Series 7)/The Power of Three (Series 7) - 4.3 Sonics

Christmas Specials Ranked Best to Worst
Admittedly, we weren't in love with most of these (only one of them of them made our top lists), but since they are an important part of the Who landscape, we thought we'd rank Christmas specials.

1. The Time of the Doctor - 9.7 Sonics
2. Last Christmas - 9 Sonics
2. The End of Time Parts 1 & 2 - 8 Sonics
3. A Christmas Carol - 7.7 Sonics
4. The Snowmen - 7.3 Sonics
5. The Christmas Invasion - 6 Sonics
6. The Runaway Bride - 6 Sonics
7. The Next Doctor - 5.3 Sonics
8. The Voyage of the Damned - 5 Sonics
9. The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe - 5 Sonics

Who had the Best Regeneration?
According to our numbers, it was this guy with a near-perfect 9.7 Sonics for his farewell episode:

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Who was Our Favorite Companion?
This was more difficult to determine. A lot of the episodes we ranked highest weren't specifically because of a certain companion. So I started looking at our strongest ranked episodes, and which ones seemed to fare best because of the Doctor's second-in-command rather than in spite of, and once I narrowed it down to that, it really becomes clear. Our first perfect ranked episode (Blink) didn't feature Martha Jones hardly at all, but our other perfect ranked episode (Turn Left) features Donna Noble front and center. And when you look at our other highest-ranked episodes that shined particularly because of her (Silence in the Library), it's impossible to ignore. Martha was an okay companion in a number of great episodes, but Donna was a GREAT companion in nearly all of hers. I'm calling this one for the fiery and courageous and hilarious Miss Noble.

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Our Most Divisive Episode
This was another difficult one to determine, because with three people, you'll often find that two people like something while one hates it, or two hate it while one loves it. In that case, the standout two episodes are Love & Monsters and The Girl Who Waited. Because I hated the latter while Justin and Jaime were only slightly warmer than lukewarm on it, I think I'm going to have to go with Love & Monsters, in which one of us (Justin) absolutely loved it and Jaime and I totally hated it. In other words, the polarity was more extreme with this one. The Waters of Mars was another possibility -- I loved it while Justin and Jaime didn't care for it at all, but the combined ranking on it (6) was far higher than with the other two, which ranked in the mid-4's.