Updates Galore!

Hello everyone! Is this thing still on? I just had to dust a ton cobwebs out of this place and make sure there weren't any creepy human spiders lurking on the ceiling before I could give you all a right and proper update on what's been happening over here.

The main reason things have been so quiet here is because I've been extremely busy, which is a good thing! Aside from working on various writing projects, I also started a little side crochet business. In addition to that, I'm teaching writing and crochet classes locally. Life has been good.

If you want to see a bit more of my yarn biz, hop on over to Allison M. Dickson Yarns for more details. But since this is my writing blog, let's talk books, shall we? Why yes, I still write them!

Since we last spoke, my traditionally published works have switched houses. After six great years working with the wonderful Hobbes End Publishing, they closed their doors and reverted rights to me. I soon signed on with the amazing Local Hero Press, who took both STRINGS and the upcoming sequel THE MOON GONE DARK under its wing. But Allie, you might be asking. Isn't Local Hero Press predominantly a publisher of superhero and sci-fi books? Yes. Yes it is. HOWEVER, they recently formed an imprint for horror and other dark fiction, and I'm the first inductee! I couldn't be more thrilled! I also have had the distinct honor of working with the great Jeff Fielder on the covers for both books. He has breathed sinister new life into the STRINGS cover, and we already know how gorgeous that MOON cover is. But look at them side to side. How sexy is that?

The Second Edition of STRINGS is not much different from the original. I did take the opportunity to give it a little bit of an updated line edit, but the plot remains largely the same. This is largely due to the story's many fans insisting I not pull a George Lucas. Anyway, it is being released back into the wild on February 21, 2017, and you can pre-order it here if you haven't had a chance to read it yet. The very long-awaited sequel is due out in July. More details on that will be out soon!

Elsewhere in Writerland, I have entered the world of audiobooks with my Colt Coltrane series! I was stupendously lucky to have met up with a brilliant narrator, Chase Bradley, who has made Colt come to life in a most amazing way. Listeners are loving these books, guys, so don't hesitate to check them out! I personally think this is the best way to consume these stories! And there will be more soon on the Colt audio front. Meanwhile, you can pick the first two novel-length stories on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon!

Beautiful illustrations by Justin Wasson

In the meantime, I'm hot at work on a super exciting project I hope to have turned into my agent soon. I'm anticipating very big news on that front in the coming months, so stay tuned. I know I've been quiet about my work of late, but trust me, things have definitely been happening behind the scenes, and I will try to do better at keeping this place from becoming so tomb-like.

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