Production Delay for The Moon Gone Dark

Many of you who have preordered the upcoming STRINGS sequel may have received an email from Amazon today regarding the cancelation of the book. I first want to allay any worries people might have about whether the book is coming. It most definitely is. 

Problems arose back in March that delayed finishing the book on time. First, my husband was in a car accident. Two days later, I was summoned to grand jury duty. Soon after that, my agent returned edits on a book she is looking to submit. Suddenly my production plans were thrown for a loop. 

But even if those things hadn't happened, I would have had misgivings. 

The first book, STRINGS, was published by Hobbes End Publishing. The book has done extremely well under them and I have a fantastic working relationship with them. The integrity of their books is something I stand by. I fully believe the sequel to my most popular book should receive the same treatment. Thankfully they have agreed to work with me again to help usher Moon into the world. 

We're aiming for an October release to coincide with the third anniversary of STRINGS. But I will provide more details when available. Including when the book goes back up for preorders! 

Thanks for your understanding, and I am sorry for the delay. But I think in the end, it will be worth it. 

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