Bryan W. Alaspa Talks About THE LORD OF WINTER

Bryan with his adorable pooch, Hondo!

It's been awhile since I've updated Ye Olde Blog, but I can think of no better way to reawaken things than with an interview from a good friend with a new book! Bryan W. Alaspa is prolific as all get-out, writing in all sorts of genres. Horror, noir, post-apocalyptic, non-fiction, and young adult. His latest falls into the latter category, part of a fantasy series called The Elementals. Book 2, THE LORD OF WINTER, just came out. I asked him a few questions about it, and hopefully by the end, you'll click on over to Amazon and pick it up!

1. Tell us a little bit about the Elementals series, and this book in particular.
The series tells the story of an offshoot of humanity known as The Elementals. Longer-lived and stronger than humans, they also have the ability to control one of the four elements of earth, fire, water and air for a variety of purposes. They have been around for centuries, mostly hidden away. This novel, The Lord of Winter, picks up where The Lightning Weaver left off. A split has happened between Elementals who want to live in peace and those who feel they should rule the planet. A very powerful air Elemental with the ability to create blizzards with a thought has lost control of his powers down in Miami. So, our intrepid heroes, Katie Albright and Christopher Farraday head down there to help him gain control and recruit him in their ongoing battle against Johan Apasilic (AKA Mr. Apples) who wants to wage a war against humanity. They also have to battle a drug cartel, because nothing can ever be simple.

2. How many books do you have planned for the series?
Four books. The first is The Lightning Weaver, then The Lord of Winter. This will be followed by The Water Witch and end with The Firedrake.

3. Who are your greatest literary inspirations?
Peter Benchley first got me to think about trying to make a living as a writer. Stephen King is probably my biggest influence and the one author I have to buy their books the day they come out. I am also a huge fan of Robert R. McCammon and, more recently, Blake Crouch.

4. You write both adult and YA fiction. What would you say are the benefits and challenges of both?
Well, writing the adult stuff means that I can really be depraved and cut loose. I can have sex, swearing and all kinds of things happen. YA fiction causes me to think and rethink what I am writing – is this appropriate for the teens? Is there another way to say this that is less violent or without the cussing? I like challenging myself when I write or things get boring for me, so doing exercises like that keep my imagination limber.

5. Shower, car, dreams...every author has a "place" where their ideas normally come to them. Where is yours?
Probably when I go for walks. Sometimes when driving. I am a firm believer that I don’t really create my stories – I just tap into something out there. The characters come to me and tell me their tales and I just transcribe them in what I hope is an entertaining way. It’s like there’s some kind of story force – like the Speed Force in the DC comic book world – that I can tap into and find characters that want me to tell their tales

6. What are you currently working on?I am editing and doing rewrites on a thriller called TEXT that I have a special plan for. I have also recently started a new detective novel in my Deklan Falls series called Radiowaves. I have the second novel in my Rotate the Earth series to do edits and rewrites on and hope to publish later this year.

7. Where on the internet we can find you and all your work?
The best place to find all my work is through my Amazon author page. You can also find links to where to buy my work, updates about upcoming projects and my blog at my website: www.bryanwalaspa.com. .

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