Scenes from The Last Supper -- Part 6: The Heretics

In this eight-part series, I will be discussing the world and the characters of my upcoming book, THE LAST SUPPER, due out on 12/13/14. Original artwork by Justin Wasson. Pre-orderpaperbacks and Kindle now! Also don't forget to join the GoodReads Giveaway going on now through 12/21/14!

Enough said. For now.

I'm not going to spoil this moment, but I know folks have questions. What are the Heretics? What does this scene mean? What exactly is happening to that person?

Well, I'm not going to describe it beyond what the picture shows you, and I'm not going to even going to provide an excerpt from the book this time, because doing so would wreck the moment of reading it fresh. And now that we're nearing the end of the SfTLS series, we'll be featuring more such moments I don't want to spoil. I don't want to be like one of those movies trailers that reveals the entire movie and leaves you wondering why you should bother with the rest, but I'm all for a few images that tease your curiosity.

Besides, I got you through the portion of the book described in the blurb: John loses his wife to the unfair population control system of a theocratic regime that came to power in the aftermath of a societal blight caused by a voracious super weed. He begins to rebel against the powers that be, and eventually has to escape.

And then, as evidenced by the above picture, things really get weird.

But maybe you're coming to this series after you've read the book, and you know all about Heretics and Sentinels, and the Cradles, and Sin the Bins, and all the other elements that make up this crazy world. I'm more than willing to discuss this scene and all the others in the comments section, so fire away! Spoiler haters, consider yourself warned!

But without revealing what this scene is, I'll instead talk briefly about what writing it was like.

To me, it's probably the most iconic moment of the book. Other than the opening, when we meet John and see the poisoned Supper laid out before him, this part is where I felt like I was dealing with something live and powerful. Over the years, when I would think about this book called The Last Supper that I started as a rookie writer, but never finished, this was this scene my mind always returned to, and when I commissioned Justin Wasson to do artwork you've been enjoying through this whole series, this was the moment I absolutely had to have him capture. And he did so beautifully.

In fact, having your work illustrated this way is brilliant, because this was Justin's take on it after he read the story. It doesn't match line for line what I envisioned in my head, but of course it wouldn't. No person's two brains envision things the same way.

And isn't that what makes the world AWESOME? I sure think so. I love Justin's interpretation of this moment that was so significant to me in the making of this book.

Only two parts left after this! Can you hear the buzz? If so . . . be prepared to defend yourself. (that'll make more sense after you read the book).

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