THE LAST SUPPER Release Info and How You Can Get a SIGNED COPY!

Here we are, a week away from October. Fall is officially in the air, awakening the dormant part of my soul that is only alive and happy when everything around me is dying.

Wait...that didn't sound good. Let's back up.

So, my awesome publisher has been hard at work prepping THE LAST SUPPER for its debut on 12/13/14, and it's getting the full Cadillac treatment. For one thing, the print books are already up on Amazon for pre-order! And what's better? They're less than ten bucks right now BOOYAH! They will be up on Barnes & Noble for pre-order by the middle of next month, and you will be able to pre-order for your Kindle on 12/1. You will be sure to receive plenty of notification when that happens.

I have already had the privilege of holding one of these bad boys in my hand, and have even sold a few already. It's a beautifully designed and printed 360+ page tome. Even if you've all but sworn off print books, I think you're going to want to have this on your shelf. See for yourself!

Anyway, I highly recommend any and all folks head on over to Amazon and pre-order a copy right now. If you do, I'll have a very special prize just for you! See below:


When I released STRINGS last year, I didn't have a lot of time to plan for the eventuality that people from all over the country (and a few outside the country) would want signed copies. It's hard to engineer that, as print books can be a little heavy, and the shipping costs even with USPS Media Mail can get a little unwieldy. The system I've devised now involves the use of acid-free labels. I will sign the label just as I would any interior book cover, at which point I'll drop it in a standard First Class envelope, slap a stamp on it, and mail it to you. Then you just place the signature label right inside the book where the signature would ordinarily go. BAM! Done! Signed book! Also, I will include a special LAST SUPPER bookmark designed by the wonderful Jeff Fielder.

So here's the deal: Anytime between now and 12/13/14, if you pre-order a print copy of THE LAST SUPPER, contact me with proof of purchase (screen shot of your Amazon receipt is fine by me), and you will be added to the list for a signature label and bookmark to be delivered to you upon the book's release. Don't forget to include your mailing address.


Right now a lot is brewing behind the scenes. As you might have noted just by the more scaled down look of this page alone and the link right at the very top, I have a brand new official website. Because Writing will serve as my blog, which will feed into the new site. I still like Blogger for blogging, but I wanted something a bit more flexible for my official author page. Anyway, if you click on over to allisonmdicksonbooks.com, you will see specially commissioned artwork by the one and only Justin Wasson. He is the illustrator behind my Colt Coltrane covers as well as my convention partner and crime. He's doing an absolutely splendid job capturing scenes from THE LAST SUPPER, which I plan to use for marketing as well as in the development of a trailer. You can see the four images I've released thus far over there, but I'll throw one down below for a small taste, so to speak.

The Last Supper Allison M. Dickson Justin Wasson Illustration

As we gear up for the release come November or thereabouts, I plan to have other promotional activities such as GoodReads giveaways and other chances to win. There will also be an official online release party. More information on that when it comes available.


Right now I'm in the planning phase of a STRINGS anniversary event that will tie together both celebrating the horror thriller Hobbes End released last year, as well as ushering in the new book. The event will be on Facebook on 10/25. We'll have STRINGS discussion, games, and I'll give away print books and some other swag (Kindle books, signature labels, and bookmarks), as well as do a select reading from The Last Supper (recorded via YouTube). If you haven't read STRINGS yet, you will have a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor, because Hobbes End is making the Kindle version FREE on October 1st all the way through October 5th!

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