David James Bright Answers 5 Quintessential Questions

Do you like horror? Do you like visceral, terrifying, grotesquely awesome horror that also happens to be very well written? Then I think you might want to check out author David James Bright.

Say hi, David!
Bright's debut horror novel, Harbinger, recently joined the stunning lineup of offerings from Hobbes End Publishing (not that I'm biased or anything...), and as part of the initiation ceremony into this tight-knit and somewhat dysfunctional and insane family of ours, I posed Harbinger's author the 5QQs. Let's see how he fared, shall we?

1. You found a surprise ten dollar bill in the dryer. How do you celebrate this magnificient windfall?
As a broke college student, this find would be a true blessing. I’d go to my standby celebration and purchase a footlong sandwich from the nearest shop, throwing on as many extra toppings as possible to get the total near $10.00. I’d covet the sandwich for a short while, admiring its splendor, before scarfing it down (probably in about two minutes). It’d be magical.

2. You wake up and realize the apocalypse has just happened. What do you have for breakfast?
I figure the best way to start any day filled with post apocalyptic activity would be by filling myself up with some good energy. Frosted Mini Wheats would be my initial thought, but, since the day is likely going to be epic, I’d have to instead go with the breakfast of champions. No, not Wheaties - two red Amp energy drinks and a box of chocolate frosted mini doughnuts. A friend of mine used to start his days off like that in high school. He’s still alive, so something worked right.

3. It's 3am and you hear a knock at the door. When you open it, you see a penguin standing here. He's wearing a bandoleer, a cowboy hat, and a fake mustache. He seems to know you. Why is he there?
It’d been years since I’d seen Javier. In fact, it seemed like a lifetime. Initially I believed I was staring at an apparition, a ghost summoned by my subconscious reminding me of a past I wished to forget, one mired with memories of ethical shortcomings, unscrupulous women, and danger of all varieties. A man isn’t truly a man until he’s been broken down, all of his beliefs and assumptions shattered by reality’s hand. A man can’t begin to understand himself until he looks in the mirror, sees the demon he has become, and face the fact that he’s destroyed lives.

He’s gotta face the fact he let his best friend die in his arms, wailing like a child as he desperately tried to scoop his innards back into his torso.

He’s gotta accept the fact that all he could do was hold his head and comfort him as his pleas for help went unanswered, lost in a desert as barren and unforgiving as his own heart. We all have to face our demons. We all have something to answer to. Maybe this was just my time. I’d either assume the identity of “El Jefe” and join Javier on another job, perhaps the final of my life. What we started was never finished, sure there was blood on our hands, but maybe this was the chance to wash it all away. Maybe this was our chance at redemption.

Or maybe he was here to put me out of my misery. To end my nightmares of the debacle at Tortuga Grande.

Jesus Christ, I still hear the screams when I close my eyes. He’d be justified. I fled like a coward. He only survived due to his wit and natural ability with a six shooter. There wasn’t a soul alive who could match his precision and skill with a gun.

Except for me. Maybe he was tying up a loose end.

“It’s time,” he says in a hushed whisper. Just by those words I understand.

I could run no longer. It was time to pack my bags and head south. Success or failure, this was assured to be our last job. In a way, it was perfect; there was no better way to go out.

“It’s good to see you again, partner,” I say.

Rio Oro beckoned.

4. Which super villain are you most like?
I’d have to say Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a little ashamed of this ability and try to use it less, but I can sweet talk people and manipulate situations very easily. In particular, this has arisen in games with friends, usually Risk, and through negotiations I’d control the whole flow of the game, choose who attacked who, and manipulated situations to my advantage, all while assuring the players involved what they were doing was in their best interest. The same can be said in role playing games I’ve participated in, where I’d essentially “write the plot” of what would happen by directing the actions of players, using them to gain some type of advantage, and in the end abandoning them.

“Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design!”

Plus, I’m destined to become a decrepit, crusty old man with the power to shoot lightning from my fingers. It’s in the cards.

5. Someone offers you a million dollars to write the greatest slash fiction story of all time. Give me your elevator pitch.
Two jaded lovers, separated by a rift spanning two decades, have been reunited by fate, and despite their differences and the disdain that still lingers, they must come together to finally complete the failed heist that’s haunted their dreams.

Rio Oro.

Now Javier and El Jefe must brave the deserts that claimed so many of their comrades, surviving the elements and ambushes with only each other and six chambers to rely on. As they endure the trials, each gun-blazing showdown getting them closer to their goal, they must deal with conflicting feelings, renewed urges, and the fear that lingers in both of their hearts. 

El Carnicero awaits at Rio Oro, and he’s ready to finish what he started twenty years ago. 

I never in my life thought I would feel so invested in the outcome of that damn penguin. Damn you, Bright, and your author skills and your use of the dark side of the Force!

Bio: David James Bright is an author of horror and transgressive fiction. His debut novel, Harbinger, has received acclaim from such authors as New York Times Best Seller Jonathan Maberry. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Scranton and resides in northeastern Pennsylvania.

When a mysterious fog sets upon the small town of Rowley, Pennsylvania, its residents quickly find themselves isolated from the world. As the thick haze envelopes their once peaceful town, all communication systems fail and residents begin to go missing. As order gives way panic, the town devolves into violent lawlessness, every citizen with a score to settle acting out their darkest impulses hidden by the cloak of fog. 

Amidst the chaos, Ben Dowling realizes something is terribly wrong. It’s not just how people are acting crazy; there’s something more. There’s something out there butchering people. Something that is evil and vicious. 

Something that is hungry. 

Ben and his childhood friend Elise venture out into the unknown and confront the shadowy figure behind the mist. Dodging the chaos in the streets they have only each other to depend upon as they try to save their hometown from complete destruction. 

The Harbinger awaits them.