5 Quintessential Questions: WRAPPED IN WHITE Edition ~ Cecilia Dockins

Over the next several days, I will be posting an interview from each author from WRAPPED IN WHITE, the brilliant new ghost story anthology from Sekhmet Press, LLC. These are the same wonderful people behind the vampire collection, WRAPPED IN RED. WHITE book also features my story, "Daddy's Glasses," and you can pick up a copy from all available ebook retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, etc) as well as in paperback through Amazon.

It has been a great run talking with all the wonderful authors who contributed stories to WRAPPED IN WHITE, and it's my sincerest pleasure to wrap it all up with the wonderful Cecilia Dockins. When I read her story for the book, I was genuinely shocked that this girl wasn't famous already. She has a way with words that makes me jealous, in a good way, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind that once you got your copy of the book, that you flip right to the end so you can read her story "Ain't They Bright." Also, she has some wicked dance moves, as I learned during an online dance-off we had a few weeks back. I'm still recovering from that centipede. Anyway, I suggest you stick around and learn a little more about Ms. Dockins and her predilection for the Running Man and unicorn hearts. The evil evil woman . . .

1. You found a surprise ten dollar bill in the dryer. How do you celebrate this magnificent windfall?
I quietly throwdown my best dance move, which is The Running Man, then sneak out of my neighbor’s house, drive to the pawn shop and buy the monkey’s paw I’ve had my eye on.

2. You wake up and realize the apocalypse has just happened. What do you have for breakfast? 
Belgium waffles, biscuits and gravy, sausage—a veritable myocardial smorgasbord—and of course, I’ll fry up the last remaining unicorn heart on Earth that I had hunted down the previous night during the witching hour…oops. 

3. It's 3am and you hear a knock at the door. When you open it, you see a penguin standing here. He's wearing a bandolero, a cowboy hat, and a fake mustache. He seems to know you. Why is he there? 
To collect child support stemming from our intergalactic space tryst. What he doesn’t know is I’m hiding a raygun behind my back. 

4. Which super villain are you most like? 
I like to think of myself as more of an evil overlord. If pressed for an answer, I’d have to say Granny Goodness.

5. Someone offers you a million dollars to write the greatest slash fiction story of all time. Give me your elevator pitch.
Mr. Rogers and King Friday argue about climate change. As the debate becomes heated in the Neighborhood of Make Believe, clothes come off and they both find that passion burns hottest of all.

You know, I thought Solomon Archer's tale of Rambo and Jar-Jar Binks getting it on in the jungle was highly disturbing, but Mr. Rogers?? That's just plain sacrilege. Will you be my best friend?

Thank you for stopping by Cecilia!

Bio: Cecilia Dockins lives just a bucket kick from Nashville, Tennessee. She spends most of her time wrangling words, kids, and pets. She doesn’t like to bake and has a healthy mistrust of ribbon dancers. She does enjoy hoarding books and butchering flowers, which she describes as “gardening.”

She earned her B.A. in English from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010. She is a writer of horror and urban fantasy. She has several forthcoming publications and is penning her first novel.

You can visit her at http://www.ceciliadockins.com.

Or befriend her on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ccdockins