A New AMD Short Story? Check out WRAPPED IN WHITE!

Last year, Sekhmet Press, LLC released a vampire anthology entitled WRAPPED IN RED: THIRTEEN TALES OF VAMPIRIC HORROR, but because I don't really delve too much into vampire lore, I didn't submit anything. But when she invited me to contribute a story to the next book in the Wrapped series, WRAPPED IN WHITE: THIRTEEN TALES OF SPECTRES, GHOSTS, AND SPIRITS, I jumped at the opportunity. I'm all about ghosts, whether literal or figurative. They permeate nearly everything I write.

I didn't know at first what story I wanted to tell. My original idea was to resurrect something I'd started awhile back about some kids who break into an abandoned airport and board a haunted jet. My 20/20 hindsight tells me that in light of recent events regarding a certain disappeared airliner, it was a very good thing that I decided to scrap that idea for something completely original. And that story wound up being "Daddy's Glasses," a tale about a horrible family secret that passes itself on through a pair of broken glasses. I wanted to explore the physicality of secrets and the real damage they can do to a person's life and spirit. I hope people like it.

But my work isn't the only thing worth checking out in this. There are twelve other authors here with something great to offer. We have the great Patrick C. Greene of Progeny fame, Michael Matula who wrote the incredible Try Not to Burn, James Glass of the fantastic Metatron Mysteries. But there are also some relative newcomers to the scene, and their talent sears itself into the brain. Solomon Archer's story "Inseparable" will fray your sanity. "Ain't They Bright" by Cecilia Dockins shows such a command of language and craft, I can't believe she's not on a bestseller list somewhere.

And that's only the beginning. If you're a fan of ghosts and the macabre, do check out this collection, won't you? Also, over the next several days I will be featuring my 5 Quintessential Questions interviews with each of the book's contributors, so you'll get to know these authors and their works a bit better, as well as learn what each of them would do if a mustachioed penguin showed up on their doorstep. 

In May, Sekhmet Press will be taking submissions for the third book in the WRAPPED series, WRAPPED IN BLACK: THIRTEEN TALES OF WITCHES AND THE OCCULT. I might have to try my hand at that one as well.

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