5 Quintessential Questions WRAPPED IN WHITE Edition ~ G Elmer Munson

Over the next several days, I will be posting an interview from each author from WRAPPED IN WHITE, the brilliant new ghost story anthology from Sekhmet Press, LLC. These are the same wonderful people behind the vampire collection, WRAPPED IN RED. WHITE book also features my story, "Daddy's Glasses," and you can pick up a copy from all available ebook retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, etc) as well as in paperback through Amazon.

Hello hello everyone! Let's all welcome author G. Elmer Munson to the hot seat! I've never previously encountered Mr. Munson before joining him in Wrapped in White, but his story "John" ended up being one of my favorites in the book, and I can't wait to check out more of his work.

But can he stand up to the 5 Quintessential Questions? Let's see, shall we?

1. You found a surprise ten dollar bill in the dryer. How do you celebrate this magnificent windfall? 
Hmm…probably a happy dance followed by a trip to the bookstore. I know, that sounds so stereotypical, but if you saw my ever-growing “to read” pile you would believe me. I can’t walk out of a bookstore without more than I have time to read. It’s a weakness. Like bacon.

2. You wake up and realize the apocalypse has just happened. What do you have for breakfast? 
Bacon. No matter what the situation, the answer will always be bacon. You see what I did there? With the foreshadowing? Yeah, I know. Subtle.

3. It's 3am and you hear a knock at the door. When you open it, you see a penguin standing here. He's wearing a bandolero, a cowboy hat, and a fake mustache. He seems to know you. Why is he there?
Oh, this is about that time when I was in the military and we pulled into…wait, that’s not right. He’s there because he wants to be in the ridiculous bizarro novella I’m currently writing. Sadly, he’s missed the auditions by at least a month.

Fear not, weird little fella. There’s always the sequel....

4. Which super villain are you most like? 
Is it okay to go with Deadpool? I’m pretty much a disgustingly nice guy, so although I have a few favorites, I just don’t identify with super villains. An anti-hero though…that’s totally different. Deadpool is hilarious and ridiculous while still being an absolute badass. I’m funny. I like to be ridiculous. And who’s not an absolute badass, at least in their own mind?

5. Someone offers you a million dollars to write the greatest slash fiction story of all time. Give me your elevator pitch.
Everyone dies, and then the killer kills himself. They all end up in hell, so he kills them and himself again. The double-negative brings them all back to life…AND THEY DO IT AGAIN!

That sounds like a typical Monday to me. Especially if I don't get coffee.

Bio: g. Elmer Munson is a New England writer of the strange and unusual as well as the horrors of everyday life. He lives with his family and a posse of various critters in a creaky farmhouse that's older than America herself.

Now everyone! Please! Go buy this awesome dude's books and visit him on the social webs!