The Doctor Who Project: Ranking Series 4

Welcome back, Whovians! We hope you had a fantastic week and that you're as excited and sad about this particular installment of DWP as we are. Sad? Yes, sad. If you're a fan of the show, you'll know why, because it is the last week we'll be seeing this face:
I don't want you to go either...*sniff*
But as bummed out as we might be, we must forge on, for as fans of the show we ALSO know amazing adventures lie ahead and we don't want to miss a second of it. Also, because this season is full of special episodes, this week's installment is going to be a tad longer, so there is no time to waste. If you want to read up on the previous weeks, visit our compendium!

First, let's start with a special mini-episode for Children in Need that preceded the official start of this season called Time Crash. Though Jaime and I didn't include it in our show notes, Justin wrote a review on it that I think deserves inclusion here (though it won't figure into the final average tally at the end). I will first say that I did watch this episode (it's available on YouTube) and thought it was really touching and cute. I don't hold the highest opinion of the Classic Doctors post-Tom Baker, but I love that Peter Davison has a great sense of humor. As a side note, he also directed a really great short film that ties in with the 50th Anniversary Special. It's called The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, and it brings together 5 of the previous Doctors as well as some wonderful star-studded cameos.

Justin: I'm including this mini-episode because I love it. It's pure cheese, but it has heart. The mini takes place at the end of Last of the Time Lords and leads into Voyage of the Damned. Ten meets Five (Peter Davison) and they share a tiny adventure and discover how one Doctor's personality can consciously or subconsciously bleed into another. Something else that's interesting is Davison's real daughter ends up playing Ten's "daughter" in a later episode and is also married to Tennant. A bit of timely wimley Kentucky wucky. 7 Sonics

Special Episode: Voyage of the Damned

The Doctor finds his TARDIS colliding with a spaceship based on the RMS Titanic during a Christmas party. With the help of a waitress named Astrid, the Doctor must take on the race called the Hosts as the lives of the Titanic crew and those on Earth are in danger. (IMDB)

Justin: This is a real ying/yang episode for me. I love the Poseidon Adventure movie (I've seen all the versions) and movies like that. So the fact the good Doctor has found himself in that situation was great for me. However, I was confused on when this took place. It seemed like the ship was from the future based on how people talked about Earth. Then they get to Earth and it's present. I thought maybe it was a time traveling Titanic (try saying that three times fast), but that wasn't it. Even though it would better to explain why it crashed into the TARDIS. I liked all the characters (especially Bannakaffalatta), but the confusion will rate this episode lower than it should be. 4 Sonics

Jaime: This was a decent episode. I liked the addition of Kylie Minogue as the Doctor's "companion." I also liked the Doctor being able to say "Allonsy, Alonso." This episode had a very Poseidon Adventure feel to it, even though they were in a spaceship not an actual cruise ship. I found it funny when the Doctor was in London and Wilfred Mott tells him no one is around because the last two years aliens have been in London. Overall an entertaining episode. 6 Sonics

Allison: I'm actually with Justin here on the ying/yang feel to it, though I didn't even consider the friggen Titanic-sized plot hole of them beaming down into the present from a futuristic looking space-based cruise ship! What made me feel very tepid about this episode was that despite the production values and the electric chemistry between Tennant and Kylie Minogue (he sure loves him some blondes), I just couldn't get past the cheese factor that really picked up toward the end. I know it's the Christmas special, but I hate when the Doctor stars to feel "Jesusy." Or maybe it's more appropriately Cheesusy?
5 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 5

Episode 1: Partners in Crime

With a new weight-loss pill tested in London by Adipose Industries, The Doctor goes to investigate the sinister truth behind the product, only to find out that his old friend Donna Noble is investigating as well. (IMDB)

Justin: Donna has finally arrived as the Doctor's newest companion. I love Donna. She doesn't put up with the Doctor's gruff, and also provides comic relief. This episode had some great humor in it, and I even enjoyed the cute Adipose. I looked forward to this new duo more than I had with the past two companions. 7 Sonics

Jaime: Donna Noble is back! This girl is hilarious and adds so much humor to the Doctor's life. The viewer is also immediately aware that no schoolgirl crush is happening here. Donna wants adventure, she wants to see the stars. In her first adventure with the Doctor, Donna proves her worth and helps save the day. A great introduction to a new companion. 8 Sonics

Allison: Donna is just wonderful. She brings such a change in tone from the previous companions and a blessed relief from the puppy love that has really kind of been hanging over the show since its reboot. Don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for puppy love, but enough already. Ever since Runaway Bride, Donna has regretted not taking the Doctor up on his offer to travel with him, so when they finally find one another, one of the funniest scenes in the entire show's run happens, and the fun doesn't stop there. The adipose creatures were silly, gross, cute, and creative ideas for aliens. I kind of wish some of my fat would pop out of my body and walk away every night, but I digress. 8 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 7.6

Episode 2: The Fires of Pompeii

(it was foretold...)
The Doctor and Donna visit Pompeii in AD 79, on the eve of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. (IMDB)

Justin: This is another episode where I was doing research prior to watching, thought it would make a cool backdrop for my time travel book, then watched Doctor Who, and had to scrap it. I enjoyed pretty much everything about this episode, and--at the time--had no idea a future Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and future companion (Karen Gillan) were in this. 6 Sonics

Jaime: Hey look, Peter Capaldi! More on him later ;) The Doctor once again arrives where he didn't intend. The explosion of Mount Vesuvius is a fixed point that can't be changed and is actually necessary in saving the planet. Imagine that. What this episode shows is Donna's compassion and the truth that the Doctor should not travel alone. His companion is the one who most often keeps him level-headed. 4 Sonics

Allison: The destruction of Pompeii is one of those huge historical events that demands use in a time travel story, and for the most part, I enjoyed what was done here in demonstrating that the Doctor could not avert this disaster. I like stories with impossible scenarios, and the final scenes were heartfelt. Seeing the softer side of Donna was nice as well. I'm not sure if I loved all of the plot elements, though. Particularly the villains. It felt a little like they knew what they wanted to do at the end, but everything else was just back-fill. 5 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 5

Episode 3: Planet of the Ood

Finding themselves on the Ood-Sphere planet in the 42nd century, The Doctor and Donna discover the truth over the Ood's willingness to serve humankind. (IMDB)

Justin: The Ood return for another great story (one which I saw part of on a lunch), and we continue to find out what kind of slaves they are. I can't state how much I enjoy these characters. Wonderfully delivered concepts in this show. 8 Sonics

Jaime: I love the Ood. Such an interesting and beautiful (yes, beautiful) species in the Who universe. This is a well written episode, lots of action with a fast-paced story. There is foreshadowing here when the Ood tell the Doctor his song will soon be ending. 8 Sonics

Allison: I'm with my friends here. The Ood are one of the best things to come out of the Whoniverse, and I have missed them. This episode deals with how they've been exploited by greedy capitalist types, and Donna proves herself yet again that she's more than just bluster. This is also really the first time you start to get a sense that things are nearing an end for this Doctor. The cloister bells of my heart are ringing. Cue sadness. 8 Sonics

Average Sonics:

x 8

Episode 4 & 5: The Sontaran Strategem/The Poison Sky

Psychotic Potato Dwarf
UNIT's newest recruit Martha Jones enlists The Doctor's help to investigate kid genius Luke Rattigan and his ATMOS system that is used in every car on Earth. With planet Earth choking under the poison sky, the Doctor must stop the Sontarans' threat to the planet. (IMDB)

Justin: This isn't my favorite two parter of the series, but it did have plenty of things I enjoyed: the return of Martha (now less googly eyed for the Doctor), reintroducing UNIT and the Sontaran race to the show, and the ongoing plot of Miss Bad Wolf herself; Rose Tyler. On the flip side I didn't care for Luke Rattigan (Ryan Sampson), and wished his demise would have happened at the start. 4 Sonics

Jaime: Interesting concept. Nice to see two past companions. Plus the introduction of the Sontaran. An average episode. I expect more from the two-parters. But Rose and Martha kept this one from being a total stinker. 5 Sonics

Allison: I'm with my friends here. Overall, this 2-parter was not great, and in many ways I just wanted to get through it already and even considered skipping part two. More than disliking the whole poisoned gas in the sat-nav thing, I really hated the final resolution of it. Even though I suspend a lot of disbelief as is for this show, that was just the ultimate bum note. I like the Sontarans, and the companions all being together was pretty cool, but eh. Meh. 4 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 4.3

Episode 6: The Doctor's Daughter

Caught in the middle of a war between the Humans and the Hath in the planet Messaline, the Doctor finds himself once again a father. (IMDB)

Justin: It's interesting doing these reviews because I'm not instantly invested in the show, but instead have time to reflect on the episodes. With that being said, this reminded me of a bad episode of Sliders. That's not to say I didn't like it, but it wasn't great. The trivia--as I talked about in my review of Time Crash--was more interesting to me. I think a big loss for the show (unless it happens with Capaldi) is that Jenny (Georgia Moffett) never returned. 4 Sonics

Jaime: Blah. I feel I should have loved this episode. But I didn't. Say sorry. 3 Sonics

Allison: I wanted to like this episode, but it just had an air of unbelievability for me that even for Who was tough to swallow. And the ending, with her zipping off in the spaceship like some plucky little kid superhero off to save the day, was just groan-worthy, and that's saying a lot for someone who puns as much as I do. I know this show is generally for young viewers, but it ordinarily does a good job of keeping the adults engaged. Not this time. I'm glad Georgia Moffet and David Tennant fell in love and probably decided it was best not to work together again, because I don't care to see another one of these episodes. 3 Sonics.

Average Sonics:

x 3.3

Episode 7: The Unicorn and the Wasp

With a 1920s dinner party turning into a murder mystery, The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie on the eve of her publicized disappearance. (IMDB)

Justin: This is a pretty out there episode, but another--like The Unquiet Dead--that led me to research the real Agatha Christie (played in the show by Fenella Woolgar). Something I enjoyed, and feel that I would do if I time travelled, were the constant references to Christie's work. 4 Sonics

Jaime: I actually love this episode. A mystery with none other than Agatha Christie there to solve it. I love all the references Donna makes and some of the banter between her and the Doctor is priceless. A lot of humor in this one. Which is nice, because so far this season has been kind of a downer. 9 Sonics

Allison: I am really glad I'm not alone in loving this episode as much as I do, because in a lot of the rankings of Doctor Who episodes I've seen online, this one always seems to wind up in the bottom third, and to me that's just a shame. The humor in this episode is spot on, the mystery of the wasp is equally weird and interesting, and I love the look into Agatha Christie's life and the references to her works. My favorite part was when Donna was trying to revive the Doctor in the kitchen. Really shows how comedically tuned the two of them are to one another. 8 Sonics

Average Sonics:

x 7

Episode 8 & 9: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

The Doctor and Donna join a group of archaeologists at a 51st century library. What caused the library to become abandoned? What are the Nodes? And what links the library to one little girl? All they have is one warning: count the shadows. (IMDB)
Justin: Spoilers. River Song (performed by the ever amazing Alex Kingston) is an amazing character. Yes, I know that's an opinion, but to me it's a fact. With that being said, I will move on from River and focus on the show. Silence in the Library is a creepy episode, but Forest of the Dead is brilliant. Forest (almost done with episodes I had seen prior to becoming a regular watcher...again, I was very confused) is--to me--an example of life. We blink (no pun intended) and in a matter of seconds time/years pass us by.  There's that feeling that you've missed something or something is a bit off (explored again in the upcoming Turn Left), but you're not sure what.  These two make up for the earlier two-part episode, and being as a brand new character who (pun intended) will change the course of the show. 8 Sonics

Jaime: In my top ten. So much to talk about in this one. River Song!! This opens a door to a long running story. And this is just the beginning. Or the end. Dammit, River's timeline is impossible. Trust Steven Moffat to introduce one of the most interesting and compelling characters in the show's run. And the Vashta Nerada are just plain creepy. Donna's story in this one is just heartbreaking, possibly foreshadowing how her story is going to end. 10 Sonics

Allison: My favorite two-parter of the whole series and also in my top-ten, this pair of shows is utter perfection. You have creepy, you have weird, you have heart-breaking, and just enough sass to keep a smile on your face even when you're hurting. The mystery of River Song and the Doctor is only just beginning, and her character is quite simply one of my very favorite things about this show even though their story has ultimately lead me to abandon a time travel book I'd been working on for a couple years before I saw this episode (because they were too similar). Donna's subplot had me in tears, and I particularly loved the feature where a character's disembodied energy/soul kept talking after they were dead. Gah! Series 4 has finally come alive here. 10 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 9.3

Episode 10: Midnight

As part of a well-deserved holiday, the Doctor takes a bus tour on the planet Midnight. Little does he know that something is knocking on that bus' wall. (IMDB)

Justin: Another creepy episode. One that reminds me of the William Shatner Twilight Zone where he's on the plane (or John Lithgow for the movie fans).  It required your imagination, too. All great things, but nothing better than the repeated speech and then the not-so repeated speech. Eek!!! 7 Sonics

Jaime: Loved the setting. Loved the feel. Pretty much a wonderful follow up to a heavy hitting episode. And Tennant shines in this episode. 8 Sonics

Allison: This one nearly made my Top 10. It was on again, off again, then back on, then finally off. I love this episode because it had the feel of a "bottle" episode. That's the practice in television where, in order to shave some money off the budget, an episode is filmed on a single setting, and the plots are almost always dialog heavy and character-centric. Good examples of this are the "Fly" episode of Breaking Bad or the Chinese restaurant episode of Seinfeld. Here the setting is an airplane on a mysterious planet. One of the passengers has become possessed by an alien that makes her repeat everything people say, and we slowly watch as friendly relationships turn downright ugly as the passengers turn on each other, including the Doctor. The tension in this episode is top-notch, and Tennant is stunning. 9 Sonics

Average Sonics
x 8

Episode 11: Turn Left

What would happen if Donna never met the Doctor? How would Earth handle the Racnoss, the falling Titanic or the Sontarans? Aided by a familiar blonde time traveler, Donna corrects the alternate time line from happening. (IMDB)

Justin: Things I've stated (or believe I've stated before, and if not you get to read them again) that I enjoy about Doctor Who and/or stories in general:  Donna Noble, breaks from the Doctor, alternate time lines, bringing past stories together, and Donna Noble. This had it all. Plus, it was the last of the episodes I watched prior to the show being on. Again, try to imagine my continuing confusion about this show. When I finally watched it in full I was a very happy camper. What would Donna be without the Doctor? That was a question I didn't want answered, and unfortunately would be in a few episodes. 10 Sonics

Jaime: Another one from my top ten. I love the "what if" game, alternate history stories. What if Donna wasn't around to save the Doctor? Whoa. I love seeing Rose. I loved everything about this one. And that bug on Donna's back? Shudder...ultimate creep factor. 10 Sonics

Allison: What an utter heartbreaker this episode is. It packs the emotional punch of a really great two-parter, and I absolutely adore how it put Donna Noble on center stage as she tries to piece together what has happened to the universe in an alternate timeline where she never met the Doctor. Throughout our time with Donna we've witnessed again and again her refusal to believe she's anything special, that she's "just a temp," but this episode demonstrates how special and important she really is, and that continues to build with subsequent episodes. One niggling thing was Billie Piper's newly acquired lisp. Drove me batty. 10 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 10

Episode 12 & 13: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

The return of an old enemy leaves Earth along with 26 other planets stolen from their places. As the Doctor and Donna look for the whereabouts of Earth, former companions of the Doctor assemble a resistance against the new Dalek Empire. In the wake of Davros' threat to destroy the existence of the Universe itself, the Doctor's companions unite to stop the Dalek empire. Which one will die by the prophecies and what will the fate be for the Doctor? (IMDB)

Justin: These two episodes were Doctor Who: the Motion Picture. I had no idea the kitchen sink was a companion, because even that was in there. It brings all four seasons together, wraps it up with a nice bow (because those are almost cool), and gets you prepared for the end of ten. Donna is fantastic in this and goes out in a very "Noble" way. 9 Sonics

Jaime: These two episodes are pretty epic. It brings together multiple stories, ties up unanswered questions, and almost everyone who has met the Doctor makes an appearance. This felt a bit trite at times, I mean what was the point of Mickey and Jackie in this one? They were completely unnecessary. I did love seeing Ten and Rose together, and the way that story ends. Donna Noble's ending is the saddest ending of a companion ever. To not even be able to KNOW that you traveled with the Doctor, let alone saved the universe, is not a happy ending. All this in preparation for the departure of David Tennant. 7 Sonics

Allison: The revival of an old foe (Davros) from the Classic series is always really cool to see, as was the return again of Sarah Jane. Even cooler to see all the companions together and so many other characters from previous seasons and episodes. The thing is it just felt so jam packed that it didn't have room to breathe. Donna's departure, however, is probably the most painful departure of a companion (yes, even Rose) I've seen yet. In fact, I would go so far as to call it a cruel slap in the face to someone who brought so much to this show. I would have rather seen her die than to see her lose all her memories of the wonderful things she's done both for and with the Doctor. Also, the final resolution of the Doctor and Rose's relationship subplot felt like fan fiction written by Ten/Rose shippers. I could have done without it. 7 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 7.6

Special Episode: The Next Doctor

The Doctor arrives in London on Christmas Eve in 1851 where he encounters the Cybermen and a man who claims he's a Time Lord called the Doctor. (IMDB)

Justin:  I enjoyed the Doctor of 1851 (portrayed by David Morrissey), and really wanted to believe in who he was, but instead it's a sad tale of a man escaping his past by being someone else. The Cybermen are meh, as is Cyberqueen, but GiantCyberMech was kind of cool. Overall, an ok Christmas special. I would have preferred seeing the next Doctor go on a grander adventure, but I understand his path was one less traveled. 4 Sonics

Jaime: A decent Christmas episode. I thought The Doctor thinking he was seeing a future incarnation of himself was pretty interesting. And David Morrissey as Jackson Lake was a great addition to this episode. But alas, the Cybermen are back and I am still not a fan. The Doctor's loneliness can be felt throughout the entire episode which lends a kind of sad tone to the whole thing. 6 Sonics

Allison: The Doctor is becoming way emo and battleweary and I think we the viewers are as well. This (along with the dreary backstory of the "other" Doctor aka The Governor) puts a damper on what otherwise might have been a funner episode with the Victorian-era Cyberqueen. No, I'm still not a Cybermen fan by this point in the series (that comes a little bit later), but I still overall dug this one. 6 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 5.3

Special Episode: Planet of the Dead

A meeting in a London bus with jewel thief Lady Christina takes a turn for the worst for the Doctor when the bus takes a detour to a desert-like planet, where the deadly Swarm awaits. (IMDB)

Justin: There is one thing I liked about this episode: Lady Christina de Souza (Michelle Ryan). I wish she would have come back. The rest wasn't that great. 2 Sonics

Jaime: I really liked this one. I loved the bus going into another dimension and the supporting cast is fantastic. The appearance of UNIT was interesting, especially Malcolm and his hero worship of the Doctor. Lady Christina is a good sidekick for the Doctor and this premonition from Carmen is chilling: "You be careful, because your song is ending, sir. It is returning, it is returning through the dark. And then Doctor... oh, but then...he will knock four times." 7 Sonics

Allison: I wanted to like this one more. Like my friends here, I enjoyed Lady Christina's character and the Doctor's chemistry with her. Everything else (the space fish?) just had a silliness factor that fell a little flat with me. I did like the supporting characters, though, and it all had just enough humor to keep me from giving it a full thumbs down + raspberry. 5 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 4.6

Special Episode: The Waters of Mars

In a Mars base the inhabitants are being infected by a mysterious water creature which takes over its victims. The Doctor is thrust into the middle of this catastrophe knowing a larger one is waiting around the corner. (IMDB)

Justin: Slightly better than The Planet of the Dead, and for me that's due to it's disaster movie/Alien vibe it was going for. This and the prior two episodes feel disjointed from the show. However, it does have a ending I like when the Doctor realizes he can do what he wants. 3 Sonics

Jaime: This is an emotional episode. While I did like it, there was something about the anger of the Doctor in the end that rubbed me the wrong way. It put a damper on the whole episode. What I did like was the water-infected humans on Mars. A little disturbing, to say the least. 5 Sonics

Allison: I feel I must stand alone on this one, as this episode was in my Top 10. What can I say, I love the scarier Doctor Who episodes. The setting is stellar, but it's the moral dilemma of the Doctor trying to change history he has no business changing that gives the episode real emotional umph. It feels distinctly like he's starting to lose his mind, and it's understandable, because after everything he has lost up to this point, he really just wants to win something. To me that's the emotional culmination of everything that has been happening since the show began, and is the kind of character development this show normally only hints at. This time the writers weren't afraid to go there, and I admired that. The victory the Doctor gets (saving a woman who originally died a hero) is very short-lived and it burns him big time. Dark dark stuff in this episode, and that's before we even get to the Mars colony and the alien "infection" in the water that is turning them into monsters. It's as close to zombies as we've seen thus far on this show. The Waters of Mars even won a Hugo Award because it's just damn good sci-fi. Also, the cloister bells are really ringing now. The Doctor is in danger. 10 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 6

Special Episode: The End of Time Parts 1 & 2

The Ood have given a warning to The Doctor. The Master is returning yet that is not the biggest threat. A darkness is coming which brings with it The End of Time. (IMDB)

Justin: Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbens) gets his chance to shine as the Tenth Doctor's final companion.  The Master is back (and looks all Eminem) and he's nuttier than ever. Then there are the Time Lords, and one of my favorite Bond actors; Timothy Dalton. This is a kick in the pants story, with only one downfall: the Vinvocci. We get to say goodbye to the characters from the past four years, and I still have hope they'll return (more than just in Bad Wolf form) to see Capaldi's Doctor, but it's probably not likely. Then there's the end, a farewell that's so sad you'll find yourself not wanting to go...unless--of course--you yell "Geronimo!" 8 Sonics

Jaime: Wilfred Mott traveling with the Doctor is wonderful. He kind of brings perspective to the Doctor's world, I think. We also have the return of the Master, John Simm, who has amazing energy in these two episodes. We also see The Time Lords, which is a little odd. I felt like both episodes were just build up to one of the saddest departures of a Doctor. I was at the edge of my seat waiting to hear four knocks. And then it's poor Wilf who brings the departure of the Doctor. Oh the tears. And then Ten goes to see all his companions one last time. More tears. Especially when he sees Rose. She was the first face he saw and the last face he saw. I, like Ten, did not want to go. I remember thinking, "I will never like Matt Smith." Thankfully, I was wrong. A wonderful ending to David Tennant's run as the Doctor. And he will always be my favorite. 9 Sonics

Allison: If I was battle weary after the Journey's End two-parter, by the time the these episodes wrap up, I'm feeling like I ate waaaay too much at the Chinese buffet and it's time to go home and die. I'll first discuss what I liked the least about these two episodes. The Timelords. I feel like every time I see them onscreen, I understand why the Doctor stole the Tardis and left, and I hope we never see Gallifrey again. I don't know if this is by design or not (I think it was, especially after watching Day of the Doctor), but I just didn't like the whole plot with them trying to "come back." Donna also seems woefully underused here. She's there one minute, passes out after she almost starts to remember the Doctor, and then we don't see her again until the very end. That whole part felt pointless. Truth be told, I felt this two-parter was so self-indulgent in its inability to just end already that it made me almost a little resentful of the whole thing. There is a tipping point between when something is being sentimental and nostalgic, and when it overstays its welcome, and I feel like this was made the case with End of Time being two parts. What I did love was Wilf, who is one of the greatest characters this show has ever seen. Such a tender old man, and his eyes alone just make me want to hug him and weep tears and snot all over his shoulder. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Tennant's last line "I don't want to go," and while I can understand the detractors a bit, I have to say what it all comes down to is how did it make me feel when it happened. And it was right then, when he said that, that I started to cry. The final lines of Doctors before they regenerate feel more like lines from the actors themselves, and I believed with all my heart that Tennant was very sad to leave, even if he knew it was time. Even though I think Matt Smith is ultimately my favorite Doctor, I love Ten to pieces and he was an utter joy to behold. 7 Sonics

Average Sonics

x 8

Episodes Ranked Best to Worst
*because we had a lot of averages tie this week, I've color coded the ones that all had the same rank.

1. Turn Left
2. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
3. Planet of the Ood
4. Midnight
5. The End of Time 1 & 2
6. Partners in Crime
7. Stolen in Earth/Journey's End
8. The Unicorn and the Wasp
9. The Waters of Mars
10. The Next Doctor
11. Voyage of the Damned
12. The Fires of Pompeii
13. Planet of the Dead
14. The Sontaran Strategem/Poison Planet
15. The Doctor's Daughter

Overall Sonic Average for the Season


Looking at the numbers, it appears that David Tennant's final season ranked only 4/10th higher than his first one. I'd say this has a lot to do with the fact that this season really didn't come alive until Silence in the Library, and it was more than half over by then. While there weren't as many downright stinkers, there were far too many that were forgettable, and a lot of my sentimental attachment to Tennant was tempered by the showrunner's ponderous inability to trim some of the fat. I'm really looking forward to jumping into series 5 next week. I can already taste the fish fingers and custard.

Allison, Justin, and Jaime