Crazy November!

Coming up for air on the nuttiness of NaNoWriMo to bring you the following tidbits of news about changes to my Amazon library, the winner of my Pseudonym Press logo contest, and other things in store for the end of the month.

On Condensing the Bibliography

For awhile, I was becoming increasingly jittery regarding the size of my Amazon bibliography. It's far too big, packed with far too many individual short stories, many of which just weren't selling while others hogged the spotlight. I worried too that new people coming to my author page after reading STRINGS (you have read it, haven't you? Well you should... /shamless plug) would be a little too overwhelmed by the selection of stuff there. Sometimes less is more. And since I do have more work coming out over the next several months, it was only going to get worse.

So I took down all but four of my current offerings (Dust, Vermin, Devil Riders and Phantasmic Flashes remain up for $.99), and divided all of them up into two collections of 9 stories each. The first one, WICKED BREW, just released for $2.99. The second one, AT THE END OF THINGS, will release in the second week of November, all just in time for Christmas shopping! From this point on, I plan to release two more indie-produced shorts. One of them is the conclusion to the "Taste" trilogy called "Love Feast" and the other is a short story from the POV of Kali, one of the more mysterious characters in STRINGS (which you would probably really love to read after you read the novel... okay, I'm done plugging). The way I envision my future for short stories is that I plan to still keep writing them, but I will be trying to find homes for them in magazines and anthologies again. This is namely as a way to try to change the level of exposure I'm getting in light of the whole published novel thing, but also because I actually do kind of miss the challenge of submitting to and interacting with publishers. It's a good way for me to make sure I'm not becoming lazy. So while you may be seeing fewer of my short stories on Amazon, you will hopefully be seeing them appear elsewhere, and I will update everyone as to when and where those things will be happening. And as rights to those stories become available after their publishing runs, I will assemble them into more collections and anthologies for folks to download and enjoy.

And speaking of anthologies, I'm getting off to an AWESOME start with things by being invited to contribute to the upcoming ghost story anthology WRAPPED IN WHITE by Sekhmet Press! They just  released the hugely successful WRAPPED IN RED anthology featuring stories of the vampire persuasion. I'm so excited about this.

And the Winner Is... 

Back in September I set up a logo contest for my forming publishing imprint, Pseudonym Press, and I got some wonderful entries! After letting people convene and vote, a clear winner emerged. Congratulations to Rachel Madsen! A final draft of the logo is currently in progress, but you can see the winning entry here. I can't wait to see everything up and running and the logo gracing the cover of COLT COLTRANE AND THE LOTUS KILLER. Which brings me to...

Robots, Dames, and Murder in the City of Angels

The Kindle release of COLT COLTRANE is still on track for 11/22. Print will likely follow in January, though I plan to keep everyone posted. I'm very excited to bring this story out into the world and plan to have a launch party on Facebook on 11/23, where I will be giving away all kinds of prizes, including copies of the book, signed prints by the cover artist and much more! Anyone who showed up to the party for STRINGS back on 10/26 knows that these things can be a chaotic blast. If you're on Facebook, you definitely want to come to it.

So those are the haps that are happening in the ever busier world of AMD. I must now dive back into my manuscript for the follow-up to STRINGS, which is going pretty damn well I have to say. The response I've been getting from the book has been very positive so far, and it has been galvanizing me to make the sequel even better. I'm looking forward to hitting the road in the coming months to spread the word on the book and to meet readers from all over.