STRINGS Character Spotlight: Ramón

The rest of this week leading up to the release of STRINGS, I will be profiling the main characters people will meet within the pages. You can also read all about Nina, the Madam and Junior.

So many of those in the employ of the Cassini crime family are prisoners of debt or guilt. Ramón Gutierrez, driver for the Weeping Willow brothel, is a little bit of both. A former gambler and thug, Ramón was no stranger to the gritty underworld of organized crime, but he left all that behind (including his son Alejandro) when he sold his soul to Victor Cassini for help staying out of jail.

Ever since then he's been under the thumb of the Willow's ruthless Madam, taking the working girls where they need to go, including to the infamous Ballas house, a place where the girls walk in but have to be carried out. He gives all of them a chance to escape before they go in, but his attempts to change their minds are admittedly half-hearted, and he expects it will be business as usual when Nina refuses and steps into the foreboding mansion. However, things don't end quite the way he thinks. When Ramón returns to find an extra suitcase of money and no Nina, he decides maybe it is he who should escape. 

The road to escaping the Cassinis is filled with obstacles, not the least of which are the ghosts of Ramón's past. His son, his wife, his brutish temper, and his addiction. There is no telling how far he will get before the ties binding him to this life yank him back.

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