STRINGS Character Spotlight: Nina

The rest of this week leading up to the release of STRINGS, I will be profiling the main characters people will meet within the pages. You can also meet Ramón and the Madam. And Junior...

The first is a young indentured sex worker named Nina. Originally an Iowa girl, she ran away to New York when she was nineteen and immediately fell into the darker side of life. Stripping at a club for quick cash eventually led to her relationship with Joey, a young mob grunt who pulled her into a lifestyle of drugs and petty crime. When one of their attempts to steal from the powerful Cassini family went wrong, however, Joey got killed and Nina wound up working in the family's brothel, the Weeping Willow, in order to pay off the debt.

At the opening of STRINGS, she is nearing the end of her "sentence" after four years, and the brothel's Madam decides she has plans for Nina that don't involve letting the girl return to her Iowa homestead. There is a special client the Madam has, one who pays top dollar in exchange for letting him do whatever horrific thing he wants to the girls, and once the Madam makes the decision to send Nina to this client, the lives of all parties involved take one hell of a turn.

But while Nina is most certainly a victim of horrible circumstance and is initially the most sympathetic character in the book, there is more to her than that. As people watch her battle to maintain hold of her soul in a real life house of horrors, they will come away wondering... did she succeed?

STRINGS is available now in print and ebook editions on Amazon!