STRINGS Character Spotlight: The Madam

The rest of this week leading up to the release of STRINGS, I will be profiling the main characters people will meet within the pages. Click here to read the spotlights on Nina and Ramón. And of course, Junior.

Contessa Cassini, who prefers to be addressed only as the Madam, seems an obvious villain from the start. Cruel, cunning, and a sadist in her own right, the girls of the Weeping Willow brothel live in constant fear of her, not only because she will hurt them to enforce her house rules, but because they all live in quiet fear of being sent to the terrifying torturer Hank Ballas upstate. But we soon learn that she is trapped in a vicious web of her own. A family outcast with an unsettling history, she is regularly brutalized by her brother Victor, who relegated her to run the whorehouse to keep her out of the way. She doesn't intend to remain there, however, as the proceeds from her lucrative deals with Ballas serve as seed money to unseat her brother from the top of the family roost and hand control of the all operations to her. Unfortunately, the Madam will no longer be able to count on those deals when events with Ramón and the girl Nina take an unexpected turn.

But even when all seems lost for the Madam, she finds that her keen, steely resourcefulness remains. With countless horrible deeds to answer for and redemption well out of her reach, her ambitions nonetheless begin to evolve. People may ask soon themselves... can a villain can also become a hero?

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