STRINGS Character Spotlight: Junior

The rest of this week leading up to the release of STRINGS, I will be profiling the main characters people will meet within the pages. Here are the previous spotlights on NinaRamón, and the Madam!

If STRINGS has a true villain, it can be none other than Junior, the human spider who creeps along an enormous rope web inside his mansion, snaring his "good girls" and rending their bodies and their sanity to shreds before turning them into his special puppets. But he seems to have a special liking for Nina, for reasons at which we can only guess.

Not much else is known about this freakish hermit, aside from his predilections, but we get a glimpse into the lives of his parents early in the story, immediately before his gruesome birth. Lady Ballas, a kindly woman from a good upbringing, is becoming increasingly concerned about her husband's mental state. Hank, who regularly locks himself into his office to avoid the "filth" outside, is indeed edging closer and closer to full madness, and when he finally snaps for good, Lady goes into labor and gives birth to a severely disfigured child, the last thing she sees as she dies in a state of horror.

Junior is midwifed into the world by a mysterious woman in red named Kali, and one can only presume the upbringing he may have had at the hands of both her and his lunatic of a father. Although it is clear that Junior is the epitome of true evil, people may wonder if he is the warden of his decrepit lair or a prisoner like everyone else.

It would seem, no matter how good or bad a person may be, someone else is always pulling their strings... 

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