I'm Starting a Publishing Imprint! Help Design My Logo! Win a Prize!

So this was unexpected. All of it. One minute I'm working on getting the print version of my upcoming COLT COLTRANE AND THE LOTUS KILLER together and I realize... I really should have a publishing imprint in order to make this whole thing more efficient. I'm not exactly looking to get into bookstores, but I need ISBNs (on the cheap) and I would like to have wider distribution should these books actually sell well, and that's not possible if you go with the designated free CreateSpace ISBNs.

While I still want to namely be a writer and not a publisher, I can't deny that it's hard to work for the long haul in the indie market without having an imprint. As money comes in and you start hiring people to do work for you, it's just a good idea to compartmentalize everything under a single masthead that isn't your name.

Enter my new imprint: Pseudonym Press! (website pending.)

This thing is at its earliest stage of development. I want to have a logo first. I put together a rudimentary one yesterday and posted it on Facebook to get some feedback from my astute peers. See examples below. Well, suddenly suggestions started turning into some drawn examples, and I realized that I had an opportunity on my hands. Thus was born the Pseudonym Press Logo Contest!

If you can take my basic concept below and make something awesome out of it, your drawing will be entered into the contest, where people will vote on their favorite. Votes will be used to help influence me, but final word on choice still lies with me. Whoever I pick will win a free Kindle copy of their choice of my upcoming novels, STRINGS (from Hobbes End Publishing) or COLT COLTRANE AND THE LOTUS KILLER (the first official release under the Pseudonym Press name). If I decide to use your logo, you will receive credit for logo design on the Pseudonym website when it's up and running.

Below is what I've designed for so far, but here are the basics of what I'm looking for:

Something clean, minimalist, sexy, thrilling, and a little dangerous looking. Black, white, and red for the color palette. You can take what I've created and add to it or you can take your own liberties. Surprise me. Some of the entries so far have blown me away.

I should say that this whole thing has been borne of the generosity and kindness of others. I never would have thought to hold such a contest if it hadn't been for my amazing artistic friends stepping up and putting pen to paper (virtually) when I said I needed some suggestions. I'm just opening up the field a little more for those who might want to participate and help this little imprint of mine make an impact with the best logo ever!

You can email your entries (300dpi jpg images are preferred) to allison@allisonmdickson.com. I'm going to let this run until 10/15/2013, after which I will post all entries here and let people vote on them. Spread the word! Win a book! Become a cornerstone contributor of a budding publishing empire!