New Skin. Same Shitty Bones.

"Eat me, Blogger. EAT ME!"
I hate you, Blogger.

You're like that really terrible spouse that comes in from work drunk and shits all over the bed every single day, but people can't leave because they've spent their entire lives living in that dysfunction and they don't know how to conduct themselves in any other way than as the co-dependent spouse of a useless moron.

I have a long history with Blogger, starting with my old blog Memoirs of a Gouda in 2005. Most of those posts have been imported over here, which is why if you happen to read any of my pre-2009 posts, you will see me referring to myself in the third-person as my cheesy former alter-ego. I've seen things at Blogger change a lot over the years, mostly for the better, but that change has been slow. The place does have its advantages, of course. It's easy to use. The dashboard is stupidly simple, especially compared to WordPress, which is as mind-numbingly full of stuff I could live without as the writing of Stieg Larsson. Hosting is free here, which is excellent. I only pay $10/year for my domain name, which was very simple to procure, and that is the only monetary upkeep this site requires.

But man are the templates still weak and boring. That's one thing WordPress has going for it. Of course, there are a lot of sites out there where WP templates have been adapted to Blogger use. I have to hand it to the enterprising code monkeys out there for making us derpy Blogger Luddites look a little more modern. I ditched the templates with the slideshows at the top of the screen, though. They're becoming so commonplace that they scream "Hey everybody! I have a WordPress site!" My respect for WordPress aesthetics only go so far.

The new digs are not ideal yet, but it's cleaner, brighter, and fresher looking. I stripped out a lot of the stuff that was on my former site and I'm still futzing around with the code. The portfolio page is going to get a revamp because those Ganxy showcases are clunky and slow to load. But these are the bones. I hope you like 'em.

One day I'll quit you, Blogger. I just wish I knew how.

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