New Holiday Bundle and Other Author News!

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The year is winding down, giving way to thoughts of Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas presents and goals and plans for the upcoming year. We'll get to 2013 in a second, because what's happening right now is pretty darn exciting.

First, the long awaited second volume of Vincent Hobbes' anthology, The Endlands, is finally out in the world. It's jam packed with stories from 14 authors. In it, you will find a brand new story from yours truly, "The Shiva Apparatus," as well as a repeat of my oldie but goodie, "Under the Scotch Broom." This is the anthology that began my relationship with the great Hobbes End Publishing, who will be releasing my debut novel, The Last Supper, sometime next year. You can get it either in paperback or on your Kindle. It would make a great holiday gift for the readers in your family!

Available now at Amazon and Smashwords!
And speaking of more holiday gifts, I've bundled all of my non-free short stories currently available, as well as a couple of new ones (the above "Shiva Apparatus" as well as one that no one has called "Number One Angel) into a collection called The Twelve Days of Dickson. As a bonus, I've also thrown in hefty excerpts from my novels The Stargazers and Scarlet Letters. It's a lot of reading for only $4.99 (given that each story is a buck, that's a pretty hefty savings), and the perfect gift for yourself or the ones in your life who have received new e-readers or tablets for the holiday. For those who have been loyal readers, don't worry, I will be releasing the two bonus stories as separate downloads very soon. Or you can always pick up a copy of The Endlands and get not only my work, but the work of several other talented writers. The holiday bundle is available now through the end of January, so act fast!

And now onto 2013 (in true defiance of the Mayan calendar). I have decided to make a goal to release a new short story every month in the new year. I realize I have let my activity in my online stores languish in recent months as I've worked to complete a few novels, and this is inexcusable. I've managed to carve out something of a niche for myself in the short story market, and I get regular emails from readers all the time wondering when I have something new coming out. I promise you that you won't have to wait four months or more in between new stories. I will even do my best to maintain this pace as I market The Last Supper next year.

Finally, some of you might be wondering how I'm doing on that whole NaNoWriMo thing. Well, after getting about 11,000 words into the Scarlet Letters sequel, I decided that what I needed more than anything in the world was a break. I pushed myself near to the breaking point while finishing Strings, and I just didn't have any steam left in me to keep up the NaNo pace. The short break has done me a world of good. It allowed me to put the holiday bundle together as well as get an early jump on editing Strings to prepare for my beta readers. I look forward to tackling Scarlet Letters 2 once the holidays are done as well as getting started on The Next Big Thing. It's exciting times!