Let's Crowdsource the Sh!t Out of This!

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I'm more than halfway through STRINGS, not quite on pace for finishing by the end of the month, but close. I still have every intention of doing NaNoWriMo, though. As you might have gleaned from one of my recent posts, I need a respite from the darkness, and getting back together with my dudes Stan and Louis in the Scarlet Letters universe is really going to be the ticket, and I hope it will be as much fun for the rest of you to read as it undoubtedly will be to write.

A couple things, though. This book is going to be an "indie only" project. This is good, because it means you the readers will get it sooner. It also means that since I won't be writing this to satisfy whatever the market or a publisher might demand (let's face it, we writers shouldn't really be doing that ever, but we kind of do anyway), I can go full throttle on this thing and do it 100% my way. I'm writing this just for you, the readers. Especially you wonderful, generous souls who have bought my independent work, reviewed it, and made me actually able to call myself a paid author for the last two years. I can't tell you what that means to me. So in that spirit, consider SCARLET LETTERS: THE POSTMAN ALWAYS BITES TWICE a love letter to you.

I'm still in the early planning process for this story, and I've had even less time to plan because I'm still busting my ass on STRINGS. I have a very rough sketch of the story in terms of the who, when, and where, but I'm currently lacking in the "what" department. Right now, I have the following:

It's been a year since the events of the first story, but things have been a little rocky for our friends in Chagrin Falls. The town post office closed due to government cutbacks, which means Louis is out of a job. His buddy Stan has discovered that being the mortal mayor to a town full of vampires isn't as easy as he thought it would be, and Louis's girlfriend, Sera, has just discovered that her husband--whom she long thought dead since World War I--has returned.  And, well, that sucks.

So this is where you fans come in. Help me plan this thing. If you have read SCARLET LETTERS: THE TALE OF THE VAMPIRE MAILMAN, then you have a good idea about what sort of story I'm telling here. It's a satire. It's funny. It's silly. It's darkly wry. What I want to know is, what would you like to see in the follow-up? And if you haven't yet read the book, what the hell is wrong with you? Don't worry, you can still help.

This kind of friend...
Think up any kind of movie, book, mythical creature or supernatural folklore you would like me to spoof or mention in the book. What sort of plot element do you think would be hilarious? What sorts of new conflicts do you see happening for the existing characters? Help me brainstorm. If I use one of your ideas, I will put you in the acknowledgements section and I will forever consider you "friend." Okay, and I'll also give you a free e-copy of the book when it comes out.

So feel free to let loose in the comments section, or if you want to keep your ideas sacred, use the form in the Contact section to send me a note! Either way, I look forward to hearing from you!