Coming to an Ebookstore Near You in 2012! And a Word on Pots and Pans!

It's official. My ebook selections have grown stagnant. I've been sitting on a small cache of short stories for awhile now, some new, some old, some ancient, and it's time to get them packaged up and out into the world. A couple of them I wanted to try out in the traditional publishing world first, but I won't lie: I'm impatient. I spent years having my work tied up with one magazine or another only to receive rejection after rejection. Not complaining or anything. That's just the nature of the beast, and if you have the patience for it, more power to you. Now that I have a growing audience and an ability to release things directly to them on my own timetable, I feel obliged to go that route more than ever now.

Not that I've completely given up on print. I will always pass my newest science fiction tales through my favorite magazines first. Publication in Analog, Asimov's, and Clarkesworld is still one of the items on my bucket list, after all. Anyway, the newest collection of short stories is called OBSESSIONS & COMPULSIONS, and it's going to be a tad more ambitious than my first one, DEAD WIVES TALES. I want it to have at least twice as many stories, and I'm thinking up some additional goodies to put in there as well. We'll see what all I can get done in the next few weeks. And as I did with DEAD WIVES TALES, I intend to offer a couple of the titles as separate downloads. One of them is called TASTE, and you should be seeing that one in just a few days. 

And fret not, those who want MOAR NOVELS. It's happening. Revisions are hot under way on THE STARGAZERS, a dark contemporary fantasy about a family of witches and their twisted infanticide ritual. It even has a cover, designed by my friend Florence Sorensen. She's looking to do more covers, so if you like what you see here, shoot her an email, why don't you? Provided I don't manage to get a book deal with it (I have a few small publishers in mind to which to submit it), it will be up for download sometime in late February/early March, and there will likely be a print option to follow. 

Now that I've spent the requisite time on plugging my own work, I'm going to switch gears and talk about something completely different: my new All-Clad saute pan, which I received for Christmas from my awesome mother. I've been obsessed with owning a piece (or many pieces) of All-Clad for the last decade. But its cost has always been so prohibitive, and I had a hard time justifying ditching my perfectly serviceable stainless steel Cuisinart set. Oh sure, it's total junk compared to All-Clad, but it has been good to me, and while I might not break out into a Rick Astley tune over it, I'm still not quite gonna give it up. 

But will I perhaps gradually replace pieces of it with beautifully shiny All-Clad over the next several years until I have no choice but to pass on the Cuisinart to a needy recipient?

Um, yeah.