New Happenings: A Podcast with Yours Truly

A couple months ago, an interesting meeting of the minds took place between me and my friends Chris Armstrong and Corey Bishop. The subject: a Podcast about the creative process, where we could talk about our various projects and provide something of a support group for ourselves and other people who could relate to balancing creative pursuits with domestic responsibilities.

The three of us have known each other for many years, though Chris and Corey have known each other much longer. I didn't come along until high school, when I met Chris in freshman year German class. And though we were always friendly acquaintances, it wasn't until around senior year and thereafter that we really bonded. I didn't meet Corey until around then. But we always clicked as a group, with similar interests and great banter. And we eventually logged enough gaming hours together to make a formidable team. And that team, nearly a decade and half and a good span of adulthood later, has become Creative Commoners.

The one thing I love most about our group is that we come from different enough backgrounds to offer a varying enough perspective to all sorts of people. Chris is a pop culture hound who runs a web comic, Detective Agency, and has always had an uncanny ability for making up new words. He also has a brain that absorbs movie dialog like a sponge, as you'll probably notice from time to time. Corey is a programmer by trade and is just starting to get into game development as well as short story writing. He also has a short story coming out in a pulp mag pretty soon (more details on that as it's released), and has gleaned a lot of his inspiration from his tabletop gaming hobby. As for me, I'll be bringing a lot of my experience from writing stories and novels to the table, as well as my adventures in trying to get published in the traditional market while also trying to build a sustainable business with self-published work and freelance editing.

Over the first few episodes, we have discussed our creative origins, key inspirations, and some details of our recent worldly travels (like my trip to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, as well as Corey's trip to the Google I/O Conference and Chris's trip to Ireland). At some point, we hope to branch the show out a bit more to include listener questions and special guests, because we realize there are creative commoners out there just like us who could use the sort of support and stimulation that comes from mingling with other people who are on similar creative journeys. And we like to think we're pretty damn funny/entertaining, and that listening to us is like listening in on a light and casual group discussion.

At any rate, we hope you'll become a fan of Creative Commoners at both our website, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as subscribe to our feed on iTunes! Episodes will be airing every Thursday, so update your iTunes subscription feeds and your RSS feeds! We've so far taped five shows, and the first one is now available to listen to on our website as well as in the iTunes store. Just search podcasts for Creative Commoners!

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