Upheaval has become my life in recent weeks as we have drawn inexorably closer to our moving date of June 28th or thereabouts, at which point this family of 4 + 1 cat will be setting off across the country to our new destination of Dayton, Ohio.

In the meantime, we have sold nearly everything of value we own in order to thin the bulk for easier (and especially cheaper) travel. This weekend, our yard sale racked in a good bit of business, leaving us without most of our furniture or TV. As I watched people carting off our belongings for a few bucks here and there, I found it difficult to muster too much wistful emotion. While I did get a little misty seeing my desk and our 60" TV going away, the rest of it was just ... stuff. And even with the more emotional departures of certain possessions, I felt a certain measure of release, relief, and liberation. The feeling that this change is for real and not just some distant foggy idea has become cemented. In three short weeks, we will be living somewhere else. And many of the things we have collected or inherited over the years are now a part of someone else's tapestry. Meanwhile, we will acquire new things and life will move on as it always does. That is the nature of "stuff," after all.

Still, I won't lie. Sitting in this mostly-empty but completely dismantled house (there is a mountain of empty boxes where my desk used to be and general crap everywhere else) is a bit discombobulating. My routine and place in this home has become nebulous and chaotic. My writing schedule has been obliterated, and I'm not sure when I will be back in full fighting form. For now, I'm doing my best to embrace the positive side of this chaos and use it to fuel future stories. That is one advantage of being a writer, I guess. All of the things that happen when I'm not writing are just inspiration. I ache to see what new ideas I might come up with as we're zooming along the American countryside.

But for now, there are a lot of boxes to pack, and a lot of goodbyes to prepare to make. We're over the first hurdle of lightening our load. Now we just have to get what's left, and ourselves, to its next home.


  1. The Big TV was like visual Ice Cream in the evening... Sigh...

  2. This is beautiful-"And many of the things we have collected or inherited over the years are now a part of someone else's tapestry." I contend you could write about sports (which i hate in general) and I'd love it. Embracing chaos/change/anarchy is so scary. Routines are safe and known. Now you are all off on this new adventure which will open up another world of experiences. I can't wait to read all about it.

  3. Hey, kiddo. Hope all is well.

    Cheers on a new beginning.

  4. Hiya Doc! All is well if still a discombobulated mess. lol Trying to secure a lease on a house is becoming a bit of a pain in the ass. But we made it. A chronicle of our journey is forthcoming.