My Past is Catching Up to Me

And I mean that in the most literal sense, because I just migrated my  first (and most prolific) blog, Memoirs of a Gouda, over here. I haven't touched that site in over 2 years, but as it represents several years of my hard work, creativity and (if we're being REALLY honest) banality, I couldn't let it go. If it hadn't been for The Gouda, you wouldn't be reading this site or likely any of my current fiction for that matter. That's where it all began. Who knows where it's all heading from here?

Next, I will be importing my Livejournal posts onto this site as well and then ditching that page. In fact, the official site of Allison M. Dickson will likely resemble a more Memoirs of a Gouda-type site from this point out, and should someone other than me ever Google my name, I want the results pointing mainly at this site. That's because I plan on using this as my main web-writing and self-marketing platform.

Over the years, I've scattered myself in every direction thinking for some reason that I couldn't put all of my writing in one place. Really, the only stuff that will remain "separate" are the movie reviews. That is because film is an industry unto itself and I want that to maintain its narrow focus. ReviewKu, which will eventually house all of my cinema-related writing, full-length and haiku-length reviews alike, will be linked and featured on this site, but it will maintain its own trademarked domain. Otherwise you will be reading everything else that is Allison M. Dickson from this single convenient location. As a writer, if I can't stamp my name on everything I produce, then I shouldn't be producing it.

I'm thinking of bringing back regular features to keep people entertained as well. At any rate, one should be able to read through the considerable archives on this site and see exactly who I am and then say: "Hey! I think I might want to buy one of her books when it comes out!" or "She sucks! I weep for the trees that are going to be devoted to printing her books!" Though hopefully not the latter so much. Granted, some of the views and sentiments expressed from a blog I wrote 5 years ago might not really be ones that still hold true for me today, but they all spawned from the same brain and should hopefully represent a sort of evolution or a snapshot in time to when I thought I knew it all at 25. Of course, what 25-year-old doesn't feel that way?

And there ya have it. Allison M. Dickson.com is going to be all me. Not just the aspiring novelist me or the freelance editor me, but the goofy me, the mom me, the wife me, the politically incorrect me, and the random observer me. In a way, it feels like I'm rolling back the clock to 2005, when I first signed up for a Blogger account with aspirations of just writing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Only with the excitement and the wisdom of everything I've done and learned since that day, and being able to have the fortitude to say what I say and not be afraid to put myself completely behind it, banality and all.


  1. hush kenny!

    this is awesome! :)

  2. This is damn great news! Since I met you after those blog days that inspired you, I'm glad to see all of your stuff in one area so junkies like me can get our fix at the same place. OWN that name "Allison M Dickson"!