On Selling Oneself

The few people who visit this place regularly (and don't follow my Facebook and Twitter updates) were probably a little taken aback by the look of this place, and I know what you're thinking. How many makeovers can I give a blog? 

Well, after much procrastination, this page formerly known as Ruminations on Editing and/or Allison Edits: The Blog has now become my official author site. I am doing this because after receiving a couple more publishing credits (click on the zombie child in the sidebar to read my latest) and finishing my book Scarlet Letters (which brings me one step closer to wooing agents), I feel that now is the time to have a website that promotes my "brand" or rather, my name and my work. The new URL for this site is http://www.allisonmdickson.com. Feel free to bookmark it if you like, even though the old URL will still point to it. 

I will continue featuring blogs on the craft and the industry, but I also plan to use it to represent the type of writer I am to prospective agents and editors. This is the first time I've ever really started thinking of my work in the commercial sense. Until recently, I didn't really know who I was as a writer. Or, rather, I never really thought about it. I don't really like boasting about myself or even being perceived as arrogant. Selling my image, therefore, has always presented a challenge. But I am a big believer in the whole "fake it until you make it" creed, so here goes.

Who is Allison M. Dickson? 

"She grew up watching Freddy and Jason movies, and is prone to bizarre dreams where the sun is always a bloody red blob on the horizon and everything else is bathed in shadow. Her stories usually come from what she finds when she looks behind closed doors and in darkened corners, or when she dares to ask "What would happen if?". When she read her first Stephen King book at age 11, she knew she wanted to write the kinds of stories that make people turn on their night lights. Everything she has written and continues to write is the sort of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream fiction that probes the darker side of humanity, and does so intelligently. Gratuitous splatter need not apply. She likes happy endings, but not as a rule. What she wants to do at the end of every one of her stories is to make you think, and to make you look around with an owlish look on your face and ask yourself, 'Wow, I'm still here?'" 

I hope this site helps to reinforce that aspect of myself as a writer, though I understand it's an ongoing process. 

In the tabs above, you will find a list of my work, an extensive supply of favorite links and resources for writers, and portals to my freelance editing business (Allison Edits) and my personal journal (Confabulous Allie). I will eventually add something on future projects and latest news.

If you are also a burgeoning writer and haven't developed a web presence for yourself yet, you should consider doing so. Litter the world with your name. It's really the only way you'll sell books these days. 

Meanwhile, welcome and I look forward to having you all along for the ride.  


  1. place looks FABULOUS.

    p.s. anti-spam word is "solent" No foolin'!

  2. Thank you, Rachel!

    And I freakin love CAPTCHA sometimes. lol I encountered one recently that said "sux2BU" No lie. I should have screen captured it. haha

  3. Hey, you need a link to Allison Edits on here! I can't find one, and I'm lookin'!

  4. Oh, never mind. I'm a fargin' idjit.

  5. haha! I was gonna say. :) I'm pimping my bizz all up in this place. ;)