Feeling Hungry, Hate Waiting

There's a whole lot set to happen in my world, but none of it has really come to fruition yet. A big move from Washington to Ohio is in the mix, but it's really still too early to set most of those details in stone. I have big writing projects on the horizon. The first is a collaborative novel (The Oilman's Daughter) with my colleague Ian, and the second is the rewrite and completion of my own science fiction novel, The Last Supper. I am hoping that the momentum from Oilman's Daughter will propel me straight into Last Supper, because although they are both vastly different types of stories (OD is more a steampunk adventure story while The Last Supper is on the heavy epic side), they are both firmly the speculative fiction category and both have strong ecological themes that seem timely for today's climate. 

I am also eagerly awaiting new edits on my novel Scarlet Letters so that I can polish a second draft and then start sending out queries to agents sometime in June. 

So I'm really in waiting mode. Oh sure, I have some editing and critique work to keep me busy, and I could be penning a short story to send to Fantasy and Science Fiction or maybe Clarkesworld, but I'm not feeling inspired enough to pen something completely new at the moment and not sure if the first drafts of short stories I do have completed are quite right for the markets I have in mind. Still, I guess it wouldn't hurt open the damn things. 

As it stands, my future is still very much in the future. My career is nearing a tipping point that I can feel growing by leaps and bounds, and I'll be calling a whole new place home by the time summer nears its end. But right now, at this very moment, I'm playing the waiting game. Of course, when the first domino drops sometime in the coming weeks, I will probably be pining for a little bit of the stillness of today. It's always important to keep perspective, I guess.

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