New Digs and Updates

I was happy to see that Blogger finally upgraded their template customizing options after, oh, YEARS. I was getting fed up to the point to where I was considering a laborious move over to Wordpress, but I think I might just stick around a little longer. I will add additional widgets and fun as I go. You will find my tag cloud in the footer. Also, I've set the page so only two posts show at a time until I can fill that dead space in the sidebar. I hate long stretches of empty space. By the way, if you have a Blogger blog and want to update the template the way I have (or use one of the many other choices they have), point your browser to http://draft.blogger.com.

In other news, I have been burning the midnight oil on finishing my novel, Scarlet Letters: The Tail of the Vampire Mailman. After a several-months hiatus (life threw our family a major curve ball last fall, and my writing screeched to a 3-month halt) I decided to start over and revise from the beginning. I knew that there were existing plot holes the size of Meteor Crater in the first act, and I couldn't finish the story knowing those were there and that the whole story could change as a result of fixing them. Now that I've bridged those gaps, I feel a lot better going forth. There is something to be said for the act of writing being easier when you're sure about what you're doing. I have noticed that when my enthusiasm flags, it's because I've painted myself into a plot corner and I have to retreat, gather my energy, and attack it with new aplomb. I have also received new vigor in the form of validation. It feels good to be getting published again (see the news blurb on the upper-right if you didn't see it coming in).

This draft almost feels like someone else's work, so revising it has actually been a treat. I realized as I was reading it that it was far better prose-wise than I thought it would be. My beta readers will undoubtedly make it even better.

Let's hope this momentum continues.