Hit Me if You Care

I wrote another guest post at my friend and colleague Ian Healy's site if you would like to read it. It's about the value of honest and harsh criticism. Come visit his site and take a gander. Sign up and leave a comment, even. :)

Two years ago, I started taking my little writing hobby seriously, and in those two years, I have weathered dozens of rejections while having the good fortune of selling two short stories. However, I never would have received those publishing credits without the help of very forthcoming first readers. Ian has given his input on a number of my projects, and it was with his honest guidance that I went on to publish my first short story, “Aria,” in a horror anthology. Prior to that, he read some monstrosity of mine about homicidal deer (insert derisive snicker), and gave me a brutal appraisal of the story’s abundant shortcomings. It was the first fictional story I’d written in over a decade, but I thought it was okay. However the comments were like spiked fists to my spongy ego. Cold and discouraged little whispers started wafting through my brain. You’re not cut out for this. Stick with your happy little blog, where it’s safe and where no one will ever hurt your feelings again...READ MORE

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