News in the Allison Edits Domain

It was made official this morning. Allisonedits.com are belong to me! No, the irony of that joke/statement has not been lost on me. If you want to contact me regarding business matters, you can reach me at allison@allisonedits.com. Those of you who still contact me by my other email address can continue to do so. I receive all my mail at the same place. You have to love Google for making things so easy for us trying-to-be-web-savvy upstarts! In other realms, I had another short story picked up for publication on Tuesday. The story is a gruesome, creepy crawly little number called Vermin, and the publisher will be Reflection's Edge, which is a great little e-zine for genre fiction. The managing editor has been extremely kind, and I very much look forward to working with them. Check out their site! Anyway, you can start telling all your friends about Allison Edits now! Don't forget to tell them about my Introductory Special. 10% off their first job! I look forward to getting started!

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