At Long Last, Allison Edits is Almost Here

I feel like a woman in the last two weeks of her pregnancy who still doesn't have the nursery ready. It's that frenzied, last-minute rush to get everything "perfect" before the baby arrives, only I'm not having a human baby. It's the birth of my new editing business, Allison Edits. The idea brewed for about a year, waiting for me to finally take it (or myself) seriously. My friend and colleague, Ian Healy, put the bug in my ear again, and as it so happened, I had little else on my plate, like a "real" job, preventing me from moving forward. So I'm flying in the face of this dismal economy and starting my own business! Damn the Man! If you won't hire me, I'll hire myself! I've been put the finishing touches on the website, working on brochures, business cards, and all of the other self-starter particulars. I'm already beginning to garner some business too! I'm fairly confident this will be a successful venture, and I very much look forward to meeting new people, forming new relationships, and helping folks with their writing endeavors. I plan to open for business next week, and I'm going to start off with an Introductory Special. 10% off your first job! You can learn about the business and inquire about services at the main site. The Allison Edits Blog, meanwhile, will cover any and all aspects of writing, editing, and my own special insights on the publishing business. I may even occasionally touch on the subjects of ninjas, cheese, and my quest to attain Expert status on Guitar Hero. I hope you will be back often.

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