Pre-Order "The Black Garden" Today!

The horror anthology, The Black Garden, which features the short story "Aria" by yours truly, is now available for pre-order for a measly $9.00! That will not only get you my story, but also eight others by great upcoming authors! If you want a signed copy and aren't local, we can work something out between us. Either I can sign it next time I come out to Ohio, or if you live in another state, I will likely be ordering a handful of the books myself and you can purchase one directly from me and I will mail it to you. Anyway, visit the below link and pre-order The Black Garden today! The book will be available on Amazon and the Barnes & Noble website soon. http://corpulentinsanitypress.com/storefront-2/pre-orders/


  1. I can't say how proud of you I am. My big mouth isn't big enough. :^D

  2. I can't wait to read it!

    Just try to remember me once you become famous! :^P

  3. i second both ken and kim! this is a totally amazing acomplishment. Grats! I'll definitely be buying one!

  4. This is fucking excellent. Way to go, Allie. I'm gonna get me one.

  5. I'll read Doc's copy. (Being dead, the banks refuse to release my funds. Bloody wankers, eh?)

  6. Kenny -- You're my rock, baby. :)

    Kim -- I will never forget the "little people." hahahaha ;)

    Rachel -- Thank you! And Thank You!!

    Doc -- I would be honored. I only hope I get to sign it for you one day. :-D

    Earl -- Effing bureaucrats barring the living dead from their well-earned money!