Prior Art Alert

My wonderfully supportive of my crazy ideas house mate has advised me that in light of my latest crazy idea (which happens to be a good crazy idea), I need to get it out there so as to establish "prior art" on it, in the event that should someone come up with the same thing, I can bitchslap them into retracting it. I mean, no, I'm not patenting something exactly, but I am creating something. And I don't want anyone else to have it.

What am I creating?

Pocket Frights.

What are Pocket Frights, you might ask? Well, rather than try to just blurt it out, I will tell you how I came up with the idea:

While driving home the other night, I got to thinking about the author James Patterson and his stupid books, and how they all have really gay titles that are actually supposed to be taken seriously, like "Violets are Blue," "Pop Goes the Weasel," and "Step on a Crack." Mine would have really gay titles too, but that would be the actual intention. The title of the first novel would be "Doe: A Deer" and it would be about... well... psychotic deer, of course. I heard in my head the voice of the guy who does the James Patterson book commercials saying in a really low, earnest grumble: "From the brilliant mind of Allison Dickson comes the latest Pocket Fright that will leave you hanging: 'Doe...A Deer.' Are you game?" And I laughed so hard the rest of the way home. After that, I was coming up with other titles based on the same song. Like "Ray: A Drop of Golden Death." And "Far: A Long Long Way to Die." And so on and so forth. They would be very short, bloody, pulpy stories and would be no longer than 50 or so pages, and because I want them to be about the size of Cliff's Notes, where they can basically fit in your pocket, I'm calling them Pocket Frights.

Sure, this sort of thing has been done before, but I think this niche needs something of a revival. I plan on self-publishing them, at least initially. I think this could become a pretty big underground project though, if I stick to my guns. My weaknesses with fiction writing have always been that I have a hard time writing more than 50 or 60 pages before becoming bored. Why not play to my strengths and only write stories of that length? Ones that are fun, enjoyable, and perhaps most importantly: exploitative.

So be on the lookout for Pocket Frights in the upcoming months. I haven't been so excited about an idea since... well, since I started this blog, actually. :)


  1. So: "A Needle Sewing Your Eyes Shut, Mother Fucker"...Man I like this eye-dea. Cheers!!

  2. Neat idea, but as someone experienced with self-publishing, I'm kind of against the idea of ever doing it again or recommending it to anyone.


  3. I think you should do them like the Nancy Drews were done: have them ghost written under a crazy name by multiple authors. I'll do one:

    "Ti, A Death With Jam and Bread."

  4. Just keep writing, Allie.

    How cool will it be to walk into your neighborhood Target store in a few years and see YOUR books on the shelves?

  5. Great idea, Allie! My brother and I had an idea we thought was brilliant when we were younger -- a book of just punch lines to jokes. Don't know if anyone did it, but we spent many a car ride cracking ourselves up (and annoying our sister) with our made-up punch lines. "I said truck. Truck!"

    I'm impressed you can even write 50 pages. I have come up with a novel, but it will never get written because I just write it in my head at night before bed. Don't think there's a market for that. (Hmm, we took her brain out, but can't seem to find any words written here.) You mean you should write novels on paper so others can read them, too? That's just crazy!

  6. Oh yeah, another thing. While visiting the in-laws after Christmas, I was perusing Hubby's childhood book collection of mostly sci-fi stuff, and found several books of Sniglets (the books that featured words that aren't in the dictionary, but should be. Hubby had the original Sniglets, as well as the many sequels, including, "More Fucking Sniglets. Yeah, We Can't Believe You're Still Buying This Shit, Either, But Our Publisher Tells Us It's True".) I mean, come on, if that shit can get published, surely we can, too!

  7. LAura - I just want to pipe in and say that's the funniest idea for a book EVER. Just punchlines! OMG! You soooo need to do that!

    Matt -- Hell yeah, baby! It leaves a lot of room for creativity! LOL

    Ian -- Thank you. :) We'll talk about this elsewhere...

    TF -- Now now, I want all the money from this endeavor for ME! Greed. IT's my boyfriend. LOL

    Doc -- That would be amazing, actually. Bitches will be bowing down to me. lol