Bits and Pieces

Part I: Five Reasons to Give Thanks

Upon scouring this morning's headlines, I have learned the following things:

John McCain is leading the Republican race in Florida (yawn).

There is unrest in Kenya (shocker).

The housing market has hit a 12-year low (ouch).

All boring and/or depressing stuff, right? Well this juicy nugget should get your enthusiasm sky rocketing:

The New Kids on the Block are getting back together! It's so cool to see this awesome fivesome hangin' tough nearly fifteen years after their break up. According to their revamped website, they still have have the right stuff. I'm sure they have a lot of practice to do to work out the kinks in their performances, though. The boys are in their 40s now, after all. But I'm sure if they take it step-by-step, they'll be back in fine form. People probably wonder why they're even bothering with a reunion. I'm thinking, though, that this one's for the children. You know, the children of the modern generation who haven't rocked it New Kids style. I'm thinking you all don't truly believe in this enterprise, but to Jordan, Danny, Jonathan, Donny, and Joe I have only this to say: Baby, I believe in you!

P.S. If you didn't get the joke, see me after class.

Part II: A Class Act

I want to give mad props to actor Daniel Day-Lewis whose acceptance speech at the SAG awards, during which he dedicated his award to Heath Ledger, was nothing short of moving, eloquent, and heart-wrenching. When Ledger passed away, I remarked to myself early on how similar the two men were in terms of their strong method acting capabilities. In another ten years, Ledger, with his also remarkable ability to disappear into this roles, very well may have reached Day-Lewis caliber. Apparently the elder actor felt a kinship with the late young man, even though the two had never worked together, but I can see why. I have always admired Daniel, both for his craft and his way of living, and that admiration has increased several-fold, which I didn't think was possible after my second screening of "There Will Be Blood," which just increased my enthusiasm for the actor and the picture. For those of you who have seen the movie but haven't seen Daniel Day-Lewis as how he actually is out of character, here he is doing his acceptance speech last night. It really gives one the proper perspective on his amazing talent as an actor and his sincerity and eloquence as a man.

Part III: Falling to Earth
So a U.S. spy satellite has fallen out of orbit and is expected to crash to the earth in a few weeks. Be sure to keep an umbrella handy. In other news, a large asteroid made a "close pass" by earth, but is expected to miss it completely. I can't help but wonder at how many near-misses we have with space debris on a daily basis, but don't actually get around to noticing. I mean shit, look at the moon. Look at the craters decorating our own earth. How is it that nothing gets bombarded by asteroids and comets now? Two things, other than the death of civilization as we know it, worry me about a possible earth impact:

1. I saw Cloverfield. And I've read some of the "side stories" regarding the creature from that movie's origins. I really don't want to be waking up any beasts slumbering deep within ocean trenches, you know? At least until I can move away from the coast.

2. Every time I think of asteroids hitting the earth, my mind automatically starts thinking of that horrible beyond horrible movie "Armageddon," which then makes me think about that even more horrible ballad by Aerosmith, "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing." I have a distinct feeling that if a life-on-earth-destroying chunk of rock were hurtling toward us, I would NEVER be able to get that song out of my head. And I would DIE with that song in my head. The prospect of this upsets me more than death itself. When I die, I want to have awesome music in my head. That is my one request.


  1. Now THAT'S what I call a stream of consciousness!

  2. I think, given the option, I would rather have a large asteroid or piece of space junk strike the Earth, than to suffer through The New Kids on the Block getting back together. Cheers!!

  3. Good stuff, Allie! Or should I sing, "You've got the right stuff, Allie/Love the way your write a blog/THE RIGHT STUFF!"

    I've been on blogging hiatus too long - both reading and writing. Too many snow days!

    I loved the DDL speech - the only thing I saw of the SAG awards.

    I think having the Aerosmith song in your head just before death is hell, for those of us who don't believe in hell.

  4. I used to call them New F*gs on my c**k but that joke was really immature. It would almost be worth a comet hitting the earth to prevent them from reuniting.