Gouda by the Sea: Part III

I am a little sad to say that our final day at the coast was not a terribly sunny or warm one, but we did at least get a respite from the rain, and that is perhaps the best part. True to form, however, the sun decided to make an illustrious appearance this afternoon, rewarding the Pacific Northwest residents with the fruits of our return to places further inland.

Before our return home, we did manage to photograph some evidence of what I would like to call A Hell of a Gouda Time. You heard it from the Mistress of Cheese Herself:

And to prove that people do enter this frigid ocean, those are my feet, and no I couldn't feel them:

A trip to the Seaside Aquarium allowed us the opportunity to throw dead fish at these guys:

They let me know how they felt about flash photography by splashing me a couple of times. But they didn't anticipate the fact that I had two children of appropriate heights to hide the damage. Take that, you slippery bastards!

We then ventured into the murky depths of the aquarium, where we were asked repeatedly by this fellow if he could come home with us. I was about to complain to the management about the repeated harrassment, but then I realized that he was just lonely and needed a hug:

After leaving a heartbroken octopus behind, we eventually made our way to dinner. Norma's Ocean Diner. Decent stuff, although I have to say that my first experience with salmon and chips will be my last. But because it was part of a whole combo thing with other types of fish, I decided I would try it for the Halibut. Get it? Hali... nevermind. Hanging in the restaurant lobby were some posters of various Northwest costal destinations. A few of them reminded us why many of the Washington locations don't inspire us much to visit:

I've actually been to Cape Disappointment and found it to be anything but as it was quite beautiful; however, I don't imagine the poor sap who came up with this name was much into the tourism industry. I wonder if he's related to the fellow who came up with Dismal Nitch. Suffice to say that both names are so indicative of the remarkable amount of hope and optimism held by the early Pacific Northwest residents.

Speaking of optimism, however, this weekend had it in spades. Not only did we manage to fit in lots of tourist activities such as eating a lot, walking a lot, taking a lot of pictures, and even choosing some great hats that allow our kid's personalities to shine:

We also managed to capture some perfect blackmail material of our son to be used in approximately 10-15 years. I might add that he wears it well, and if not for the absence of long hair and the matching shoes, he might make an even better princess than his sister. Don't tell her I said that, though:

So that concludes our brief soujurn to America's edge. It was good to have you along!


  1. I thought your conclusion would be "So long, and thanks for all the fish..."

    Oh well.

  2. That octapus looked really scary!

  3. Army- Fine then! You write it, ingrate!

    Bobbiy- it was pretty freaky. It was reaching out to touch us. Not that I can blame it. That aquarium really sucked.

  4. Nice Trip....My weekend consisted of watching fish have sex.

  5. wow having 2 kids and a blog. you are so cool :-)

    octopuses freak me out a lot!

  6. Glad you finally got some sun, even though it was at the last minute. I didn't know Seaside had that aquarium - we probably left too soon to find that.

    That octopus is pretty sad. Supposedly octopi are very intelligent creatures, so much so that if anything were to ever happen to humans?? Octopi would definitely take over. So, that guy really MIGHT have been trying to communicate with you, and you went and LEFT HIM THERE, stuck in that tank, unable to carry out his plans of world domination!

  7. I had no idea the "Titanic Necklace" came with matching earrings and a tiara, lucky boy!

  8. P.S. When did Army start looking like Liev Schreiber? mmmmm

  9. Love the pics--you should check out Anders on the MSN site. Perhaps he and Elias should hang together in the palace!