Gouda by the Sea: Part II

One thing that makes the Pacific Northwest coast particularly unique is that the trip is not complete unless you have two criteria in place:

1. Freezing your ass off in the rain.
2. Freezing your ass off in the wind.

It doesn't really matter so much what time of year it is. You are bound to experience both things on a trip to the ocean. But that's okay. We residents (even transplants like me) are nothing if not adaptable. We don't need no steenkin' sun!

We can drink a lot:

Worship the wonderment that is eggs with ketchup:

Try to illustrate, via photograph, that it is, in fact daring to rain on our damn vacation:

Go inside for some carousel action:

Witness the devastating effects of living within fallout distance of a nuclear power plant:

When that get's depressing, drown your sorrows in ice cream:

REALLY drown them:

Then act like kids in a candy store:

They're better at it:

Yep. Still raining:

Let's see if it's cold at the beach!


And yep:

But the view is still great:

And the kids dig themselves a hole to find warmth:

But at the end there's Mo's Chowder... The butter makes the pending heart attack EXTRA special:

Or maybe it keeps you looking like a miniature teenager, like this. I should have eaten more...

More to follow...


  1. It's amazing how life-like your child-manequins are!

  2. Was there sand in the chowder? 'Cause chowder just aint chowder without the grit. LOL

  3. Hi there cheese, I am a friend of Christopher's, I first got to your blog here from his, and I enjoy reading it from time to time. This one about Seaside struck me as I used to live in Oregon, then I left, then I went back again recently, stayed a while with a friend in Portland and we made a trip out to Seaside; my first time there. It was about a month ago I was there and it was freezing. Did you go anywhere else? How about those tidepools and the sea anemoeas (?)? Pretty nice, but my friend and I that I went with thought that it was lame that the tidepool guides or volunteers there where directing us through the whole thing like it was all roped off super sensitive or something, 'don't step over there, don't do that or this etc.' They were nagging us even. But it seemed a nice enough town.

  4. Bryan- Nice to meet you! We try to make it to the Oregon coast at least once a year, and I swear, every time we come down here, it is freezing. Came down to Pacific City in late August last year and froze our butts off, got back to Olympia where we live and it was 90 degrees! Crazy!

    Anyway, we went down to Cannon Beach today (my favorite) and we went and did some walking through downtown Seaside a few times today- did the aquarium, grabbed some great seafood, went back to the mall, rode some bumper cars. We're chilling now because my old ankle injury, which has flared back up since starting back with kickboxing, is being particularly fierce right now and I need to stay off it for awhile. We're leaving tomorrow, but hope to do some more beachcombing. No tidepools this time. Not sure if we'll get to any at the right time. There are some great ones at Newport, though and you are right they are very protective of them! :)

    Thanks for reading! I'll have more pics up after tomorrow's final festivities.


  5. You guys look like you're having a blast. Too bad it's so rainy. Natalie is such a ham!!

  6. Allison and Bryan...you two have met in the flesh before when we all lived in good ol' Ohio.

    Allie and I are high school friends. I visited Bryan when he lived in Costa Rica.

    Member each other now?

  7. I don't remember meeting Allsion. When was that? Perhaps some gathering, OG shift over and we just spoke a minute in some restaurant? Maybe I do remember but the gears aren't meshing at the moment because I don't have an image, I have to have an image, you know, if I'm to recall something and because I'm tired, I just finished mowing a huge lawn for an old lady and about got all the way finished before I realized that it was engine powered. I was pushing it the whole time, you see.

    I don't know quite what it is about the Oregon coast, it is that very wind that comes up from the south Pacific that keeps the North West so warm throughout the winter, you'd think it wouldn't be quite so cold ALL the time. You can't even swim in that water I understand, at any time during the year it's so cold, or at least comfortably. It sounds as though it is a good trip though, any trip is a good one I guess. Good to hear that it's been fun. And speaking of trips, how was yours, Chris? I guess I'll just read about it on your blog when you have time to write it all out there.

  8. Bryan- I don't recall meeting you either. I think Chris is mixed up er something... lol But I'd be happy to be set straight! Also, you'd be surprised at how often I see the natives romping around out in the waves here. They have a thicker skin than most. Literally. lol I have been known to go in it up to my knees, but the cold temperature as well as my inherent fear of actually swimming in the ocean starts to get to me. The guy who lived in Costa Rica can laugh at me now. :)

  9. I LOVE the family picture, and of course seeing your totally grown kids. It has been forever since I last saw a picture of them. And of course all things Oregon make me miss my sister in law and her family. You know, I once went skinny-dipping at an Oregon beach (can't remember which one at the moment, and too lazy to go look at a map!).....brrrr.....but fun!

  10. Well, heckfire, maybe you two didn't meet in person, although I thought you did just once when I lived on Central Avenue in Middletown. In the basement, I think. Although, everything cool at that house happened in the basement.

    Eh, snakes on a plane.

  11. I loved seeing the pics of your family. I can't believe how big your daughter is now! Wow.

    Your captions were hilarious. :)

  12. Army- Mayhap there was a time on Central when we met, but I'm not sure if it was da basement. Ah yes... the basement. Home of the late-night, crazy-eyed by 6am LAN parties. And the occasional silverfish. LOL

  13. Aren't the creatures on that carousel WEIRD? John took some pictures of them, too.

    The kids look adorable and cooperative, just like I remember them.