Proof that China is Definitely Out to Destroy Us...

Ever try to remove a child's toy from its packaging? Something innocuous like, say, a Barbie Doll? You know the toilsome, tangled maze of string, tape, tabs, twist-ties, and hard plastic that threatens to violently untether the tranquil sanity from your frontal lobe?

I can just see little Asians sitting there trying to devise strategies to further confound frazzled parents of impatient children to the point murderous rage. It's worse during the holidays, of course when the numbers of such boxes are compounded by the dozens. I'm thinking that next year at Christmas I'm going to string my tree with a garland of morphine tablets. You know, so I have something with easy reach to numb the pain.

It's been awhile since I've looked, but didn't the Bible say something about it being easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle than for a Mermaid Barbie to be extracted from its package?

I'm sure that's what it said...


  1. THIS is why we "hire" aunts and uncles to spend the holiday with us....they are suckers enough to take on the de-packaging. Isn't it awful? This is another reason why I love buying second hand!

  2. Yes, exactly... that's what it said. This is something only a woman can understand!! I hate those damn things.

  3. If the Bible didn't, I'm sure Dave Berry has at some time or another. :)

  4. LOL. I hate that. Luckily my stepdad always stays occupied with opening all the toys for us. It keeps him quiet (which is a chore in and of itself) and takes that burden away from us...

  5. LOL! Too true. Being a Little People addict, I've probably tackled a bazillion twist ties, super-strength tape, etc.