The Mythical Powers of Heated Vodka...

I think I lost count of the number of shots I had last night. (UPDATE on this: After speaking with Katie, she estimates I did about 16 shots last night, two of which were doubles. Oh good lord). I also think I'm dying right now. I can count the number of times I've gotten this shitfaced on one hand. And hopefully it stays that way, because even if it sounds cliche right now, I'm not drinking another drop for the foreseeable future.

I went out with Katie last night. She'd had a horrible weekend and needed some girl time. And she was driving, therefore she had to remain sober. So we started out at a local Mexican restaurant where I imbibed on a margarita and about 4 shots of vodka.

We then proceeded to walk 2 miles around Capital Lake and then drive over to this place called Charlie's, where we ran into, let's say, a mutual friend whom I will not name to protect the innocent... lol That just kicked everything into the stratosphere of the surreal. Our friend suggested I try my vodka heated. I'd heard him talk about this before, but never had gotten around to it. So I knocked a few of those back (I started losing count after three, and he told me several times I'd regret shooting the stuff instead of sipping it). We all then decided to go over to this place called Frankie's. In the midst of all of this, I was saying a lot of shit. I have no idea the half of it. But I remember making a lot of people laugh. That's me when I'm drunk, I guess. But I wasn't merely drunk. I was fucking plastered. I then recall having my last shot lit on fire with a match. And then...

I was back in Katie's truck laughing all the way home.

Falling into my bushes getting out of her truck.

Making an ass of myself in front of Ken.

Puking into a bowl three or four times.

Waking up with the shakes several times throughout the night.

Then waking up for good feeling like I'd been hit by a truck.


Never.... Again.


  1. Ohhhh, I remember that "I want to die now" feeling. It takes days to recover from one of these real benders. Bleh.

    The last time I got that drunk was about a decade ago (with my brother-in-law, the one who died of the drug overdose).

    And I can honestly say that I have never again gotten that drunk, anywhere near.

    Bleh bleh bleh bleh

  2. I was so out of character for me to get that drunk... I normally have a single margarita, get nice and happy for a little while, and then I'm done. But I started doing shots and I knew from that point on, it was going to get ugly. And what made it worse is that I didn't drink any water with it, which means I was in a really bad place around 4 this morning.

    Never, never, never again. lol

  3. OMG - I got really drunk with my friend Alex when I was 18 - off of Hennessy. Never, never again!!! I think my face was like 3 shades of green the next day.

  4. Bella, for me it was VINJAK. (Allison, that's this cheap, very easily drinkable Serbian version of Cognac.)

  5. OH bloody hell. I feel for you. I'm *so* never trying heated vodka shots. It's bad enough with wine and margaritas - I always push past that comfortable limit and then curse myself when I'm afraid to lay down trying to avoid that nauseated feeling. Ugh, and the shakes. Torturous fucking hell.

  6. Allison - not shots of spirits! That's the worst, then there is nooo turning back!! Silly girl.

  7. but it was so much fun, you'll do it again after the initial sickness is over... it's like childbirth you always forget the pain until right before it happens again (i hear)!
    Katie (drinkin buddy)

  8. AH HA HA HA HA. Man, after feeling like crap (due to a cold) for the last two days, that was some funny shit. Thanks for the laugh.